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Dr. Geoffrey Wexler is a family orthodontist specialising in childrens orthodontic braces, Fast Braces, invisible and hidden braces, clear aligners and the best childrens dental care. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.

No more tight lipped smiles, Orthodontic solutions without the fuss - an Introduction to Orthodontic Treatments for Children by Dr. Wexler.

Introduction to Invisible Orthodontic Braces and Clear Aligner Treatments - Dr. Wexler - Braces Specialist

To achieve that beautiful smile, fast orthodontic treatment with hidden braces is a perfect solution.

It’s hard to doubt the merits of a great smile, which is why orthodontic and dental treatment is so important. Whether it be at a job interview, a class presentation or just while you’re out having fun, a nice smile will make a world of difference to how you interact with people.

Dr Wexler understands that in a busy world, where people hurry about their own business with barely any time to sit down and make proper informed decisions, prompt appointments that are adhered to, is the most efficient way to your family`s orthodontic health.

As parents, we know, first appearances matter, it`s a shame to admit it, but it’s true. We all understand that first appearances count and when coupled with health benefits, it’s no wonder a lot more people are becoming more conscious about the importance of proper orthodontic treatment.

Despite the benefits of orthodontic braces treatments, a large number of people today still avoid braces, the numbers are dropping, but with the advances in invisible braces as orthodontic treatments improve and become more affordable than ever, there is less excuses to avoid proper orthodontic treatment for your family. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.

For many, it may have to do with the childhood fear of the dentist, which is understandable, but should not stand in the way of the best orthodontic braces for children`s crooked teeth. The long term benefits that go with the confidence of a nice natural smile are something your children will live with for the rest of their life.

Early orthodontic treatment can correct the growth of teeth as they develop in the growing jaw, offsetting any long-term health issues, as well as the cosmetic benefits to your smile.

Specialist Orthodontists provide multiple options for braces treatment. So ask one of the team members or Dr. Wexler about the Cost of Braces.

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler operates family centric orthodontic clinics in Toorak and Frankston specialising in children`s orthodontic braces and treatments for orthodontic malformation conditions in teeth and jaw bone development.

Dr Wexler explains: Specialist orthodontists undergo extra certification and examination and can therefore provide more accurate diagnosis of orthodontic conditions. Specialist orthodontists can offer you far more options for the treatment of your children`s dental health, than can a normal dentist (namely, with clinical master’s degrees), Specialist orthodontic treatment provides a high quality professional service that benefits the orthodontic patients with a wider variety of choices in orthodontic braces to suit their needs in a cost effective way, without the pain and heartache of expensive mistakes by those less qualified. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.

This article will talk about the different kind of orthodontic braces available today, whether that be adult braces, braces for children or invisible braces, and will give you a suitable idea of the kinds of orthodontic treatments available, so you can better understand what you might want for yourself (adult braces) or your family (children`s braces) before choosing a specialist orthodontist to match your family needs.

Why have orthodontic braces?

A common misunderstanding among adults is that orthodontic braces are only useful when you are younger, losing its effectiveness as you grow old. With orthodontic braces, this is simply not true, though it is up to your orthodontist to decide what is most suitable for you. Adult orthodontic braces and cosmetic orthodontic treatments are not just for good looks, they help alleviate issues such as overcrowding, over and underbites and other orthodontic conditions that may lead to longer term health issues such as gum disease and headaches from crooked or misaligned teeth.

Orthodontic braces can be an effective braces treatment for adults or children, though it is better to start early to identify and prevent problems as the teeth and jaw bones develop. As parents know, children do not care about their teeth until they are about 14, when it all suddenly becomes so important. This is a good time to get your children a smile that will benefit them their whole life, when they care least about how it looks. The best time for orthodontic braces is when your children are between 7 and 10 it should also instill good dental health habits that will last a lifetime.

Children`s dental braces have been known to help avoid some of the more complex problems such as jaw misalignment which may require surgery, so it’s a good idea to take your child to see at orthodontist early.

For those worried about the cosmetic issues during the time orthodontic braces are worn, don’t be. While this may have been a problem in the past, new invisible braces have become a popular treatment method, with a variety options such as coloured braces, lingual braces and invisalign (which technically aren’t braces but provide the same benefits without the hassle, read on for more information).

Let’s talk dental braces (and other amazing orthodontic treatments available today from Dr. Wexler in Melbourne)

OK. Now we understand the benefits of orthodontic braces, let’s have a look at some of the types of braces out there.

Fast, Invisible Brace solutions with Lingual Braces hidden behind the teeth
Lingual Braces are becoming widely popular. Similar to every day metal braces but with one important difference, they are concealed, hidden behind your teeth. These concealed orthodontic braces can be fitted on both upper and lower teeth but they are guaranteed to remain hidden from direct line of sight. This makes them very difficult to detect, making them the best option cosmetically as well as having fast and effective orthodontic treatment times. No one will know unless you tell them you are wearing invisible orthodontic braces.

Lingual braces are among the most effective, having some of the fastest, or shortest treatment times. In addition to being among the fastest braces treatments, they are completely invisible as they are hidden behind the teeth, they have the ability to fashion a beautiful smile in just a short three months, perfect for those bride-to-be’s who are looking to get their smiles at their best before the big day. Lingual braces are highly recommended.
Metal Braces, Damon Clear Braces and Invisalign
Metal braces are the most common orthodontic braces that you see. They are strong and resistant to breakage. Some specialist orthodontists use Damon clear braces which are smaller and less evident than the average metal brace. Damon braces are also more hygienic and don’t discolour as easily (making it easier for cleaning).
Dr. Wexler is a leading orthodontist in Melbourne.
Ceramic Orthodontic Braces
These types of orthodontic braces usually come in a clear colour and are a lot more concealed than the metal braces. Imagine only seeing a faint trace of the bracket on your teeth. That’s a ceramic orthodontic brace. The problem with these is that they are more fragile than their sturdier counterparts though still a very decent option.
Invisalign are not really braces, but deserve a spot on the great orthodontic treatment list because they are an orthodontic treatment. They are essentially ‘trays’ of plastic aligners that are worn for short periods of time before switching to the next one. Little by little they align your teeth. Invisalign is perfect for those who would like to treat their crooked teeth but want to avoid the hassle of braces, as they are easy to remove, clean and put back on again.

Other treatment methods and finding your perfect Orthodontic Specialist

While orthodontic braces are probably the best and easiest treatment for dental conditions such as crooked teeth or overbites, sometimes, it’s necessary to take great measure in order to guarantee good dental health. Your local friendly orthodontist will sometimes recommend a tooth extraction, where the offending tooth (or teeth) are removed. While the choice always remains with the patient, many have found tooth extractions a great way to remedy troubling situations such as gross overcrowding.

Dr Wexler is a non extraction specialist orthodontist who prefers to work with children as their teeth and jaw bones are developing, so that they grow up with nice natural healthy smiles.

Talk to your family orthodontist about your dental needs, preferably choose a specialist orthodontist as they can offer a wider range of treatment options and are very often more cost effective and trouble free than a dentist.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia we recommend Dr Geoffrey Wexler who is a qualified family friendly specialist children`s orthodontist, passionate about his work and straightforward with his diagnosis and treatments, Dr Wexler has clinics in Toorak and Frankston.

Dr Wexler is also one of forty Australian orthodontic specialist’s to utilise SureSmile 3D modeling technology, which allows orthodontists to study your teeth from all angles, providing the best results in treatment.

Dr Wexler has been teaching at the Universtiy of Melbourne in the Oral Health Therapy training course for the past 11 years, and has been president of Australian Society of Orthodontists and Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity.

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