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Dr. Wexler is a family friendly orthodontist specialising in childrens orthodontic braces, fastest treatment times, hidden braces, invisible braces, clear aligners and the best in childrens dental care. Ask us about the Cost of Braces and our payment terms today.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a non-extraction specialist orthodontist. Specialising in Myobrace Aligners, No Brace Aligners, Invisalign, Invisible hiddden Lingual braces and Damon Clear Braces, Dr. Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading orthodontists.

When it comes to smiles that look fantastic, your family deserves a personal consultation with an eminent professional family orthodontist that genuinely cares for your children`s dental health, ensuring your children`s mouth and teeth are cared for at the highest level.

About Our Specialist Children`s Orthodontist - Dr. Geoffrey Wexler

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a Family Friendly childrens specialist orthodontist with orthodontic clinics conveniently located in Toorak and Frankston.

Dr Wexler is a family friendly, non extraction specialist orthodontist. Dr Wexler likes to work with the natural growth and development of teeth rather than extract them, and so recommends hidden and invisible lingual dental braces along with well fitted aligners for the best in dental health care treatments.

For fast results for your family wedding photographs, smile ... we recommend wedding braces that sit behind the teeth, hidden and completely invisible from the front - you just smile and look great for those wedding day photos - very important moments.

Orthodontic Specialists and Experts in all Dental solutions for imbalanced child jaw growth, tooth and teeth straightening. With two family friendly, Childrens Dental and Orthodontic clinics in Melbourne, at Toorak and Frankston, patient appointments are our top priority. We Specialise in Invisible Braces for Children, Hidden, Invisible and Lingual Braces for Adults and Fast invisible Braces for Weddings.

We care about your Teeth and your childrens Teeth so ask us about the Cost of Braces as we are more than happy to support the best choice for your teeth on your family budget.

Fast Invisible and hidden Lingual Braces

The fastest braces, most invisible braces are lingual braces, hidden behind your teeth, that are completely invisible when you smile. This is the best of the good, most cosmetically pleasing orthodontic braces treatments available. Dr Wexler is expert and professional in all orthodontic braces treatments, so you can go to your wedding and smile for the camera with confidence. These are very important moments in the lives of real people.

Invisible braces are hidden, cleverly concealed behind the teeth and therefore do not show at all to anyone looking your way. For braces in Melbourne from our expert family orthodontist Dr Wexler, hidden braces that are completely invisible and by far the most cosmetically pleasing dental braces on the family Orthodontic market today.

Invisalign, No Brace Aligners and Myobrace Aligners are also an option that do not require wearing braces, they are applied to teeth for a couple of hours each evening. Myobrace Aligners, Invisalign aligners and No Brace Aligners are an option which is increasing in popularity among children. We also have Clear Aligners which are a lovely gentle way to straighten teeth, also eCligner, SureAlign Pro and the full range of Invisalign aligners for the more complex cases.

We care about your Teeth and your childrens Teeth so ask us about the Cost of Braces

Meet Our Orthodontic Team

Dr Wexler's hand selected team offer full service family orthodontic surgery with an emphasis on prompt and personal appointments, ensuring that your family's health requirements are met.

Dr Wexler's Orthodontic team are all about making your smile the best it can be, with good advice, lots of information on the most modern and appropriate options, allowing you to make informed choices, the best choices for your children's dental treatment, so ask us about the Cost for Braces.

Dr Wexler’s clinic is dedicated to ...
* your childrens dental health care
Dr Wexler specialises in childrens orthodontics, fitting braces, tooth straightening and jaw growth.
* high quality natural smiles
The best smile is the one most natural to you. Dr Wexler likes to work with childrens teeth as they are developing and believes that this will yield the best most natural smile for your children. The dental cosmetic look of your childrens smile is what is important for the long run, as they will have their smile for their whole life long.
* a high degree of quality customer service is paramount
Dr Wexlers orthodontic clinic take a special pride in their attention to prompt dental appointments that are reliably maintained and kept.
* dental health treatments that match the family dental health budget. So ask us about the Cost for Braces.
We also believe that the dental treatment not only has to be a solution for teeth that need help, but that it must be achievable on the family dental health budget. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.
* prompt appointments that are adhered to,
We understand that time is of the essence and we endeavour to make and stick to dental health appointments that are most convenient to our patients.
* the dental health of his patients mouth and teeth.
For Dr Wexler and his staff it is all about a nice smile – this is the proof of a job well done and the result they all strive for. All his staff are incredibly dedicated and personally selected for dedication to patient dental health care and patient satisfaction.

How special is our specialist orthodontist and childrens orthodontist.

Personally I found Dr Wexler, to be passionate about dental health, I have never encountered a man so deeply engaged, educated and professional about dental health.

Dr Wexler, married with three children and a dog - so he understands a families need for dental health.

Dr Wexler is something of a leading light in local dental industry, publishing educated technical dental papers and reports on his studies and findings. He travels a couple of times a year to Dental seminars and lecture tours overseas in an endeavours to stay abreast of the latest developments in Dental technique and methodologies in dental health care.

Dr Wexler has taught at the Universtiy of Melbourne in the Oral Health Therapy training course for the past 11 years.

Dr Wexler campaigns for the maintenance of high standards amongst the peers of his profession and regards cookie-cutter dental services as delivering a sub-standard Doctor patient relationship, with a poor customer experience.

Dr Wexler likes to talk about what he does and is a wealth of keen insight and good advice regarding patient’s dental health, he is truly dedicated, passionate doctor who genuinely cares for his patients.

Specialist Orthodontists

Doing Orthodontic work doesn't make a dentist into an orthodontist

A real Orthodontist is an Orthodontic Specialist Registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority "Specialty-Orthodontics"

Registered Orthodontic specialists are distinguished by a higher degree of skill, evidenced by their diagnostic experience and treatment expertise, than practicing dentists. Orthodontic specialist skills lower the risk of costly mistakes with your children's Orthodontic braces treatment. Orthodontic specialists offer more choices of appropriate braces treatments, making available less expensive options of quality and effectiveness.

Teeth Braces and Orthodontic treatment for Adults and Children in Melbourne

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Why come aged 7 ?

Age 7 is the time to assess children to capture passing opportunities to avoid extractions & jaw surgery!

Growing jaws are manipulated more easily than adults.

Specialist skill is needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Early Treatment

We certainly don't treat all 7-8 year olds!

But, between age 7-10 yrs, we may take a passing opportunity to correct a jaw that is too far from the other.

We avoid Jaw operations in some cases.

We reduce Risk of Dental Trauma if teeth protrude.

We also act to preserve natural spaces  - to avoid extractions later.

A Specialist Orthodontist is Best to identify these.

Child Orthodontics

Crooked teeth and jaw size problems are evident from early ages.

Children aren't concerned until they become socially more mature.

The best time for assessment is about age 7.

The best time for treatment varies from 7 - 14.

Should I bring my child?

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When Should my Child's Tooth Come Through?

To see when teeth develop and come through, please view the charts on the right.

They are yours to download! Just hover and right-click!




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Dental Development Chronology Chart
Dental Development Chronology Chart
Tooth Development Chart 1
Tooth Development Chart 1
Tooth Development Chart 2
Tooth Development Chart 2