Specialist Outcomes

Dr Wexler has 30 years *specialist* experience - devoted to best outcomes.

All your team here are Brilliant, Gorgeous and Devoted to Care for You.

Our past 6 years has been a Digital Practice. We won't go back!

Digital Orthodontics is proven to deliver Better Quality, much Sooner.


In life "We Don't Always Get What We Want". Please believe this. ....

In orthodontics, you need the best specialist team you can find to get what you want.

Team Goal:

"Let's Get You Out of Here"    with a lifelong smile   -   in the nicest possible way!

Largest Range of Treatments

  • All possible Child, Adults & Teen braces
  • Avoid Extractions & Jaw Surgery
  • Hidden Braces
  • Invisalign™
  • Hybrid Aligner/Braces - reduces Treatment time

Request Appointment

Thorough Assessment *By the Orthodontist* is Key. Use our appointment request form. We'll contact you, confirming your request to save you time.

Digital = Speed, Quality & Safety

Dr Wexler 3D models all treatment outcomes for you. We look before we leap!

Digital precision reduces treatment time & risk but increases your treatment choices!

3D Dimensional Digital Systems

Trios3 scanner, Invisalign™, SureSmile®, SureClear®, Dolphin™ 3D X-Rays

15 Years of Invisible Braces!

Hidden Lingual braces are most powerful, fastest, most invisible braces.


Reliable & Sophisticated. Perfect for many people.

Early Treatment

Avoid extractions by age 7 early assessment.

Bite jumper, face mask, space maintainer simplify treatment.

Costs? - Low & Managed!

We extend payments even beyond treatment, increasing your outcomes.

We are not "Dr Quick-Fast Smiles" or "Dr Speedy Teeth"

You need a quality result. Do it right, do it once. Come to us.