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Is There A Problem With Removing Teeth For Braces?

Book a free consultation While adults and teens may have wisdom teeth removed, there are sometimes acceptable reasons for removing other teeth, too. Crowding, gum infections and extensive tooth decay can dictate removal of teeth. Occasionally people getting orthodontic corrections will benefit from teeth removal to provide space for very crowded teeth to un-ravel and

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler – Toorak’s Preferred Orthodontist

Book a free consultation Dr. Geoffrey Wexler has more than 30 years of specialist orthodontic experience. With an MDSc in Children’s Dentistry from the University of Melbourne and a fellowship in RACDS, Dr Wexler is committed to the best orthodontic outcomes. Dr. Wexler’s enthusiasm and energy are notable in everything he does. He is straight

How To Determine The Best Braces To Solve Your Overbite

Book a free consultation Overbites are a common dental condition that happens when the teeth don’t properly match up. They’re commonly found in children and studies show that some childhood habits, like sucking a pacifier or a thumb can cause an overbite. Overbites can also develop in adults who lose their back teeth. Some people

Why Braces Cost What They Do

Book a free consultation If you’re thinking about getting braces, you may be wondering what braces cost. One orthodontist may say over $8,000 while another may say it can cost even more or even less. Why do quotes differ, and do braces really cost an arm and a leg? Crunching the Numbers When you look

Everything You Need To Know About Lingual Braces

Book a free consultation Hidden Braces, known as Lingual Braces are placed on the back, on the inside of your teeth. These Hidden Lingual Inside Braces are as powerful as normal front braces, but much more invisible than clear aligners with attachments. So, you can laugh, smile, talk and eat with them in, (you don’t

Phase 1 Of Children’s Orthodontics – What You Need To Know

Book a free consultation Have you been told your child needs braces? If so, you probably have questions about children’s orthodontics and what to expect from each step of the process. Let’s start with Stage 1 also known as Phase 1 Orthodontics Phase 1 – Preventive Children’s Orthodontics The whole idea behind this first phase

Revolutionise Your Smile With Hidden Braces

Book a free consultation Many orthodontic patients, especially adults, choose subtle ways to straighten their teeth. One popular method is hidden braces. These braces are placed behind your teeth and offer the perfect cosmetic alternative to traditional train tracks. For complex cases, lingual braces are more efficient than invisible aligners. What You Need to Know

3 Things That Happen At An Orthodontist Consultation

Book a free consultation Whether you’re considering braces for yourself or your child, you’re going to need to book an orthodontist consultation. To prepare you, here’s what you can expect during your first visit. Thorough Examination You already know you should visit your dentist regularly. But an orthodontist consultation is also a must. Only an

How To Find Children’s Dentistry And Orthodontics Near Me

Book a free consultation Orthodontics used to be carried out on teenagers. But things have changed and today, children start orthodontic treatment at a younger age to achieve a long-lasting and healthy smile. Adults also undergo treatment to help resolve dental problems and give them a confidence boost. Finding orthodontics near me can be a

3 Ways You Can Benefit From Advanced Orthodontics

Orthodontics has evolved a lot over the past two decades. Tooth extractions used to be frequent and orthodontic appliances all involved big headsets and one-size-fits-all brackets. Today, we have advanced orthodontics and thanks to rapidly changing technology, it’s easier than ever before to enhance your teeth and elevate your health. What You Need to Know

The Best Examples Of Before And After Invisalign Use

Book a free consultation Invisalign use has been a game changer for local orthodontists. The clear plastic aligners appeal to millions of patients around the world. The most appealing thing, of course, is better aesthetics. But it’s not all about looks when it comes to orthodontic treatment. To fix certain problems, other options like braces

Hidden Braces – The Cost Of Fashion

Book a free consultation Hidden Lingual and Incognito braces are an incredibly discreet form of orthodontic treatment. Also called lingual braces, the braces are placed on the back of your teeth. That means when you smile, the braces are totally hidden from view. Even though this orthodontic treatment is highly effective and more discreet than

3 Orthodontic Solutions For Adults With Overbites

Book a free consultation Overbites happen when your upper teeth stick out over your lower teeth. The medical term is a malocclusion. While an overbite can sometimes be a problem like crooked teeth, it can also big a bigger problem, such as your jaws and teeth not lining up. Interestingly, overbites are often hereditary, and

What Are Lingual Braces And When Might You Need Them?

Book a free consultation Have you heard about lingual braces? They are an orthodontic treatment designed to create a straighter smile. They also come with big cosmetic advantages compared to traditional braces. Lingual braces are similar to other types of braces, but they’re placed on the back of your teeth where nobody can see them.

How To Prepare Your Child For A Trip To The Orthodontist

Book a free consultation Your little one’s first trip to the orthodontist can cause all sorts of anxiety and fear. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to prepare your child for his or her first visit. Discuss the Orthodontist Talk to your child about orthodontic treatment. Ask them what they

What You Can Expect From ICat Imaging Book a free consultation Today, patients are better informed than ever. This means you can take a more active role in your health care, and thanks to first-class technology like iCat Imaging, you get a better understanding of your orthodontic treatment options. Benefits of iCat Imaging The iCat is a 3D system that offers flexibility

Can I Still Have Invisalign?

Book a free consultation Orthodontic treatment is a huge commitment, so the last thing you need is teeth movement months after wearing braces. Unfortunately, this occurrence is common and we see a huge increase in patients seeking treatment again following orthodontic relapse. Keep in mind that wearing a retainer is necessary after braces. Unfortunately, this

Why You Need To Consider Wedding Braces Before The Big Day

Book a free consultation While weddings are precious times, they also highlight things you’ve always wanted to change. In fact, you might just find yourself worrying about your smile for all those photos. While you’re probably used to your misaligned or crooked smile, the realisation that it’s about to be immortalised in your wedding album

The Cost Of Invisalign In Australia

Book a free consultation Have you ever wondered about the cost of Invisalign in Australia? Invisalign has become a popular method in cosmetic dentistry for teeth straightening. It’s discreet and the cost of invisible braces is becoming more competitive. While traditional braces are still a popular choice, as long as the Invisalign cost remains comparable to other orthodontic options, aligner treatment

Can You Eat Pizza When You Have Braces?

Book a free consultation A big worry for kids, teens and adults alike is whether or not you can eat pizza when you have braces. We have some good news for you. You don’t really have to give up as much as you think, you just need to make a few good choices. So, Pizza

What Happens If You Forget To Brush Your Teeth With Braces?

Book a free consultation So, you got braces. That’s fantastic, it means you’re on your way to a beautiful, straight smile that everyone is going to envy. But, you need to remember to keep looking after your teeth for as long as you wear the braces, including brushing and flossing every day. Here are a

What Does A Power Chain On Braces Do?

Book a free consultation Your braces are an effective multi-use orthodontic solution that can address a wide variety of smile concerns, but sometimes they need a little help to effectively and quickly straighten teeth. A power chain on braces can often be what an orthodontist will use to close gaps and resolve other orthodontic problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

Book a free consultation If you want straight teeth without having to wear metal braces, Invisalign is the solution. The clear, nearly invisible aligners allow you to eat, work, and get involved in social situations without feeling self-conscious. But these aren’t the only benefits of Invisalign. Top Benefits of Invisalign Wearers of Invisalign can look

Are There Any Diet Restrictions With Invisalign?

Book a free consultation Invisalign is a popular technique for teeth alignment because it’s virtually invisible, but there’s another perk wearers love: the ability to eat whatever you wish, whenever you want. The advantage of this treatment is that it needs fewer adjustments to your normal routine. Diet restrictions with Invisalign don’t exist! You’ll still

Braces Before Your Wedding

Book a free consultation Get Your Perfect Smile with Hidden Braces or Invisalign Before Your Wedding If you’re considering orthodontic treatment in the lead up to your wedding, there are a range of options you can take. Invisible braces can straighten your teeth, while providing a discrete option that allows you to smile. With Lingual

Ceramic Braces Vs Invisible Braces

Book a free consultation If you are just looking into teeth straightening options and the benefit of orthodontic treatment, you may have pondered ceramic braces vs invisible braces. To understand which option might suit you best, you first need to understand the different types of ceramic braces and invisible braces, as there are a number of

Get Your Wedding Day Smile Ready In Time For The Big Day

Not a few little girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding day. Every single detail is planned, from where the wedding will happen to what the dress will look like. They even dream about who their prince charming will be. Whether you’ve paid that much attention to your big day or you’d rather go

Four Things That Could Delay Your Braces Coming Off

Book a free consultation Have you been thinking about getting braces to straighten your teeth? Or perhaps you already have braces. Chances are, you want to achieve a straight, beautiful smile as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of teeth straightng options available, depending on your circumstances. To get your teeth straight and get

Are Invisible Braces More Expensive?

Book a free consultation Since invisible braces are less noticeable than metal braces, they are an attractive option for straightening your teeth. But, they do tend to be more expensive than traditional metal braces. This is because they are more work and use more materials at the orthodontist. How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost? There

Invisible Braces For Brides & Grooms

Book a free consultation Everyone wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. After all, the big day has likely required months of planning and is certainly an event that will be imprinted on your memory forever. But how do we get our teeth looking their best? And how much time is

Is There Other Terminology Used For Lingual Braces?

Book a free consultation You’re already familiar with the traditional metal braces that an orthodontist will fix to the front of your teeth. However, lingual braces are different in that a specialist orthodontist will place the brackets on the back of the teeth, making them almost invisible. This is an attractive option for many adult

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment So Important?

A smile is something you should look forward to showing off. But, may people struggle with the way that their teeth look. There can be a myriad of reasons for this. Whether you have issues with your bite, TMJ pain or your permanent teeth have come through awkwardly and overlap, these things can leave you

Cosmetic Veneers Vs Orthodontic Alignment

Book a free consultation When it comes to tooth alignment, a permanent solution is always the best option. This not only ensures that you can look your best for your lifetime, but that your teeth are healthy and free of pain or discomfort. Continue reading to explore cosmetic veneers vs orthodontic alignment as methods in

What Age Should A Child Get Braces?

Book a free consultation Should my child see the orthodontist at Age 7 seven? While most children will not need orthodontic treatment at age 7 and an orthodontist mostly will not recommend treatment, there will be some cases when intervention will be beneficial. For example, early orthodontic treatment will be especially beneficial and important for

10 Myths About Braces You Should Pay No Attention To!

Book a free consultation Deciding to get braces is a big step for anyone. They’re great for achieving the perfect smile and straighter teeth. But, the journey to straighter teeth isn’t without its challenges. Braces are a traditional method of straightening teeth and certainly aren’t without their scary-stories! So, we’ve decided to dive into some

The Cost Of Invisalign Compared To Other Braces Options

Book a free consultation About Invisalign™ Known for its unobtrusive design and transparent appearance, Invisalign™ can be the ideal solution for those seeking effective and discrete orthodontic treatments. Over the past 18 years, Invisalign treatment has increased in popularity as a modern teeth straightening solution. How Invisalign™ Sequential Aligners are Made The Invisalign treatment involves

Preparing Your Child For Braces

Book a free consultation Braces are a common sight in the mouths of children. There are even those kids that look forward to wearing braces, kind of like a rite of passage. However, there are some kids who aren’t as sure about their orthodontic treatment. So in this case, you should start preparing your child

Digital Orthodontics – Everything You Need To Know

Book a free consultation Orthodontics is growing in popularity among adult patients, thanks to the wide rage of fast and discrete treatments available. Digital orthodontics provides a perfect option for adults looking to straighten their teeth with absolute precision and in less time. It involves the use of advancements in orthodontic technology to help you

The Benefits Of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Book a free consultation When it comes to orthodontic treatments, the image that jumps to mind is young teenagers. They are proudly sporting metal mouths, getting a perfect smile with highly visible metallic braces. Understandably, we all want highly effective treatment, but metal mouths are not a desirable option for many- especially during adult orthodontic treatment.

Invisible Braces For Teenagers – The Preferred Option

Book a free consultation There is no stage in life where people are more self-conscious than during their teen years. That’s why it’s important to consider invisible braces for teenagers when exploring orthodontic treatments. If your teen has reached the best age for braces, consider the benefits of invisible braces as an alternative to stainless

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take?

Book a free consultation Many patients looking at their teeth straightening options ask, “how long does orthodontic treatment take?” Especially those who’s decision will be swayed by the estimated treatment time provided by the orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment is not a decision to enter into lightly. Not only does treatment aim to improve aesthetics, but it

Is My Dental Practitioner A ‘Specialist Orthodontist’?

Book a free consultation What is a Specialist Orthodontist? Similar to all aspects of medicine, our Australian Health Regulation Authority (AHPRA) recognises and registers expert dental specialists as “orthodontists”. This is by virtue of their significant additional training by formal university higher degree examinations, followed by their career dedication to specialised techniques and knowledge. In

What Age Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

Most orthodontists agree that children can begin their orthodontic treatment once their permanent teeth have erupted. However, an orthodontic assessment before your child has reached this stage could prevent future issues from arising. It’s important to know what opportunities exist to reduce treatment needs for your child; crooked teeth and misaligned jaws are often evident

4 Steps To Establishing A Great Relationship With Your Braces

Book a free consultation If you have a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, various treatments can help straighten your teeth, including retainers and braces. While numerous general dentists perform basic alignments, orthodontists specialize in rectifying teeth irregularities. If braces are your solution, you’ll need to care for them. This can be difficult, particularly when you

How Exactly Do Braces And Invisalign Work?

Book a free consultation How Exactly Do Braces and Invisalign Work? Braces and Invisalign both work to straighten teeth by applying pressure to certain teeth during a treatment plan devised by an orthodontist. Throughout both systems, the pressure placed on teeth works so shift them into a desired position, straightening the teeth and correcting the

Quick And Simple Care Tips For Kids With Braces

Book a free consultation Have you been thinking about straightening your smile, but not sure if it’s the right time to do it? It’s important to know that orthodontic treatment is better done earlier rather than later – for your teeth, your jaw, your overall health and your wallet! Does Orthodontic Treatment Make a Difference?

How Does Orthodontic Treatment Make A Difference?

Book a free consultation Have you been thinking about straightening your smile, but not sure if it’s the right time to do it? It’s important to know that orthodontic treatment is better done earlier rather than later – for your teeth, your jaw, your overall health and your wallet! Does Orthodontic Treatment Make a Difference?

The Advantages Of Invisible Braces

Book a free consultation These days, braces don’t have to mean metal train tracks for your mouth. Have you looked at the range of invisible braces offered by many orthodontists? Invisible braces can offer a faster result and they are certainly less noticeable than their metal counterparts. Using newly improved customisation technology, invisible braces can

How Much Are Lingual Braces And Are They Worth It?

Book a free consultation How much are lingual braces and what exactly are they? Lingual braces are braces that fit behind your teeth. That means they are barely noticeable. But, these behind the teeth braces can be more expensive than other orthodontic options. To weigh up whether or not lingual braces – also known as inside braces – are worth

A Dentist And An Orthodontist – What’s The Difference?

Book a free consultation Some people aren’t too sure about the differences between a regular dentist and an orthodontist, especially if they’ve never needed orthodontics in the past. Both dentists and orthodontists deal with teeth. They’re also both doctors. So, what makes them different in the overall field of dentistry? Most of us have visited

Why Invisible Braces Are So Popular With Adults

Book a free consultation Do you know any adults who wear braces? Chances are high that you do now, or have in the past. There’s also the likelihood that you’ve never noticed if they have invisible braces. Research tells us that more and more adults are comfortable with the orthodontic appliances available in today’s market.

All The Braces Care You Need To Know About!

Book a free consultation Looking after your teeth is harder with braces. With so many tiny spaces to trap food, there’s more chance of plaque. Plaque can lead to other dental issues. This is why it’s important to know and follow the right braces care and orthodontic instructions. While looking after your braces and your

What Colour Braces Should I Get?

What Colour Braces Should I Get? Book a free consultation Getting coloured bands on your braces is a good way to both have fun and express yourself while you are working towards a straighter, more natural smile. There is a wide variety of colours available to choose from, making it easier to either choose from

What Are Speed Braces?

Book a free consultation Speed braces, or self litigating braces, have revolutionised the field of orthodontics by eradicating the need for elastics required by traditional braces to straighten teeth. Instead, they use a built-in component-spring clip, which has two functions. Firstly, it cooperates with the archwire actively, resulting in additional tooth movement between appointments compared

What Patients Want!

Book a free consultation Do Patient’s Want Best Results in the Least Time? Our mission is to tirelessly seek & provide the best proven methods. What have we done? Dr Wexler is highly selective in what he offers and frequently speaks at and attends continuing education to find better ways. Meeting our Mission : The

Fast Braces??

Book a free consultation What makes Braces Fast, but *Gaining* Quality? Expert Diagnosis by a Specialist Orthodontist with Lots of Experience Expert Treatment Plans, using 3-D models Precision Wire Engineering using precision-made, robot-built Super-Elastic Titanium Wires Book a free consultation What are “Fast Braces” Marketing Hype Almost always promoted by non-specialist general dentists who are

What Does Your Mother Think?

Book a free consultation Your mother wants you to be happy. Your feelings about your teeth are how you feel. Other people’s opinions about your teeth are not yours. You are the only person who knows the effect of your teeth on you. So, if your teeth make you feel unhappy – that’s your sign

Where In The World Is The Doctor?

Continuing Professional Development – 102.5 hrs /60 (01.Jul.16 to 30.Jun.18) not inc. reading Book a free consultation Nov 22 Australasian Orthodontic Journal Review – Publication Review, 3 Hrs Oct 28 Australian Conference of Digital Orthodontics, 8 Hours Oct 27 Advanced Orthodontics using CAD/CAM 8 hours Aug 17-19 Australian Society Lingual Orthodontists, Melbourne 23.5 Hrs Jun

Braces in Melbourne: A Comprehensive Guide

Braces in Melbourne: A Comprehensive Guide Book a free consultation Navigating the world of dental health and orthodontics can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re weighing options for teeth straightening. Whether you’re actively seeking detailed information about braces, curious about adult braces before and after transformations, or interested in understanding the costs involved with braces in

The Perfect Timing: When Should Kids Get Braces?

The Perfect Timing: When Should Kids Get Braces? Book a free consultation When considering “what age can kids get braces?”, it’s important to know that this decision is not just about the aesthetics of a straight smile. It can have profound effects on how children bite, chew, and even speak. As such, the orthodontic journey

What are Invisible Braces?

What Are Invisible Braces? Book a free consultation Braces have long been the go-to solution for correcting misaligned teeth. However, as dental technology has evolved, the traditional metal brackets have given way to a more discreet solution: invisible braces. But what are invisible braces, exactly? This blog post will shed light on this modern dental

Advancing Orthodontics Through Education and Collaboration

Advancing Orthodontics Through Education and Collaboration Exploring the Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ASLO) In the world of orthodontics, staying updated with the latest advancements and techniques is crucial for providing top-quality care to patients. The Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontics (ASLO) is an organization that is dedicated to advancing the field of lingual orthodontics

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