Everything You Need To Know About Lingual Braces

It’s the news many patients dread – you need braces to fix your teeth. Between the thought of sporting a metal smile for the next few years and the sheer expense, it can all seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. With today’s orthodontic technology, braces are no longer a prison sentence. In fact, with lingual braces, you can smile all the way through your treatment, and nobody will know you’re wearing braces.

How Lingual Braces Correct Your Smile

Also called incognito or hidden braces, this orthodontic apparatus consists of wires and brackets. But they’re much smaller than traditional braces and completely customised for each of your teeth.

The braces are bonded behind your teeth and work the same way other braces to do correct and realign your smile. They gently apply continuous pressure to shift your teeth into the perfect position.

Achieving Precision with Incognito Braces

The brackets we use with lingual braces are tailored to fit your mouth precisely. They’re installed on each individual tooth to correct misalignments. At the same time, the wires that connect each bracket requires a little customisation to help you achieve the desired results.

It’s essential that you have the perfect fit since the wires and brackets are a little more challenging to fit. Of course, it’s harder to reach the back of your teeth, and there’s less room for us to work. So, to properly position the braces, the brackets are cemented on to the teeth with the help of a customized tray to hold them in place.

The Benefits of Hidden Braces

As we’ve mentioned, lingual braces are placed behind your teeth, so nobody else can see them. They’re the perfect solution for professionals, teens and adults alike.

The braces are completely customised to your teeth and make use of state of the art robotic technology to bend the wires for absolute precision. That means each individual tooth movement is carefully controlled to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Get Your Dream Smile

The best news of all is that almost everybody is a candidate for lingual braces!

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