How Much Are Lingual Braces And Are They Worth It?

How much are lingual braces and what exactly are they?

Lingual braces are braces that fit behind your teeth. That means they are barely noticeable. But, these behind the teeth braces can be more expensive than other orthodontic options.

To weigh up whether or not lingual braces – also known as inside braces – are worth the expense, we need to consider their pros and cons.

How Much Are Lingual Braces?

These braces are custom-made for your teeth. The orthodontist takes a digital scan or impression of your mouth and then creates customised brackets and wires for a snug fit. The braces are places along the line of your teeth to gradually move them into a straighter smile.

Lingual braces do cost more than traditional braces. That’s because they are completely customised and created in a dental laboratory to fit your teeth perfectly. Also, treatment requires frequent visits and longer appointment times than traditional braces, which adds to the cost. As with any orthodontic treatment, the costs vary on a case-by-case basis and depend on how long your treatment lasts.

Treatment with lingual, or inside braces can run anywhere from 18 to 36 months.

So, just how much lingual braces? This treatment typically costs upwards of $9,000 for 18 months of treatment. If you need other appliances or a longer course of treatment, it will cost more.

Are Lingual Braces Worth the Cost?

Studies show that this type of braces are highly effective as a customised treatment option.

While the braces are an enticing choice for those who want to avoid the aesthetics of traditional braces, you do need to consider some of the downfalls.

Lingual braces sit close to the tongue, which can affect your speech. Your speech will improve as you get used to the braces, but some patients do find the initial difficulty challenging.

The treatment also requires the use of rubber bands to guide the teeth into alignment. The bands are noticeable, and you must adhere to their use for the most effective results.

As for the length of your treatment, it can differ. Treatment times vary based on the complexity of your misalignment problems. Most patients, though, start to see changes within the first 6 to 8 weeks of treatment.

How much are lingual braces? It differs on a case to case basis and it is best to discuss the treatment with your orthodontist.

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