Why Braces Cost What They Do

If you’re thinking about getting braces, you may be wondering what braces cost. One orthodontist may charge over $3,000 while another may charge less.

Why do prices differ, and do braces really cost an arm and a leg?

Crunching the Numbers

When you look at the numbers, most orthodontic treatments aren’t as unobtainable as you may think. The fact is, investing in a straighter smile can save you lots in dental work down the road. Misaligned and crowded teeth are more likely to suffer from gum disease and cavities. As a result, you’ll need deep cleaning and possibly even crowns.

Why Different Braces Cost Different Prices

The cost of your braces depends on what type you need. Conventional metal braces tend to be more affordable than removable aligners. The good news is that advances in orthodontics become more frequent, so the price gap becomes narrower.

It’s also worth mentioning that fast style braces are a lot more affordable than full mouth orthodontics. That’s because they’re not only designed to align your teeth, but they’re discreet, too.

Considering the Length of Treatment

How long it takes to straighten your teeth also impacts the cost of braces. For example, if you only need to fix your front teeth, it won’t take as long as a more comprehensive treatment. That means fewer appointments and less labour, cutting your braces cost down.

Remember that your orthodontist still needs to purchase materials, cover lab fees and overhead expenses, as well as make a profit. On the whole, though, shorter treatments cost less.

Flexible Ways to Pay

While it’s impossible to predict what braces cost before you undergo a thorough examination, we offer a number of flexible ways to pay for your orthodontic treatment. From healthcare credit companies to payment plans that suit your treatment and your budget, we’ll help you achieve your perfect smile.

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