What is Invisalign?

Invisalign™ is plastic aligners that straighten teeth in many small steps.


Invisalign™ is a great brand but it's only a doctor's tool


You need a very skilled Specialist Orthodontist to make it work

Dr Wexler is an exceptionally skilled Specialist Invisalign™ Orthodontist.

Can I have Invislign™?

Invisalign™ suits Mild to Moderate Orthodontic Cases of

Misaligned Teeth

Open Bites

Narrow Smiles

Spaced Teeth


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Advantages of Aligners vs. Braces

Your Friends Won't Know!YESNo
Eat What You Like!YESNo
Use Aligners to Bleach TeethYESNo
Brush & Floss NormallyYESNo
Remove for Wedding or DebYESNo
Less Ulcers & Discomfort YESNo
Accurate Computer Prediction YESNo

Aligners can not treat all orthodontic problems.

Ask Dr Wexler if you are suitable. We have alternative invisible methods.

Invisalign Teen™

Hey, Teens - Smile wherever you want! - without a braces hassle.  Eat Popcorn, nuts, whatever! It's your life! Play footy, clarinet, school play - no braces!

Invisalign Lite™

Reduces costs for the simpler jobs!

Transfer of Invisalign™ Treatment

Dr Wexler will accept transfer of most Invisalign™ Cases. Cost depends on remaining need.

To find out - Please come in.

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