Suresmile, Elemetrix and Empower clear aligner orthodontic treatments for your orthodontic health in Melbourne

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  • Dr Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist

Many adults are now opting to improve their cosmetic appearance by choosing orthodontic services and the latest in Clear plastic aligners are the method of choice.

Fitting Suresmile, Empower or Elemetrix clear aligners acheives best results in consultation with an orthodontist who specialises in invisible dental braces. Dr. Wexler is a natural choice, for the best dental care in Melbourne.

A personal consultation with our professional orthodontic team is the best solution to improve your smile. With orthodontic specialist clinics in Melbourne, Frankston and Toorak, Dr Geoffrey Wexler and his team of professional orthodontic technicians can create your clear aligners from 3D computer models of your teeth which are then fitted by your orthodontist who will monitor progress as treatment progresses. Dr Geoffrey Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading orthodontists who specialise in the fitting of Suresmile, Empower and Elemetrix clear aligners, they are also passionate about keeping dental health care costs within reasonable limits and have repayment options available -so ask us about the cost of your orthodontic treatment.

Suresmile clear aligners statistically show some of the best and most consistent results for orthodontic treatments

The Suresmile systems rely on 3D computer modelling to make small adjustments to the positions of each tooth and effect change gradually as your orthodontist makes adjustments to the computer model as treatment progresses. For Suresmile clear aligners to work properly the treatment must be supervised by you orthodontist.

Orthodontists love to work with SureSmile Aligners as they allow the orthodontist to work in a very precise and controlled way with a considerable degree of certainty enabling accurate predictions for the success of the treatment. SureSmile Aligners have been proven to work much faster than normal dental braces by up to 35%, that is a treatment time of 6-12 months.

SureSmile Aligners produce such good results because they allow multiple teeth to move simultaneously, therefore reducing treatment time.

Suresmile clear aligners increase in popularity among young adults as an orthodontic treatment option

Suresmile clear aligners are transparent and therfore nearly completely invisible when worn and so are fast becoming the orthodontic treatment of choice for adults looking to improve their cosmetic appearance to increase employment opportunities and social mobility.

As orthodontic treatments -clear aligners are an excellent method for mild to moderate orthodontic corrections such as teeth straightening or misaligned teeth, over crowding and other teeth spacing issues, narrow smiles, open bites as well as overbites.

Clear aligners such as Suresmile, Elemetrix or Empower provide an excellent solution for invisible dental braces.

Modern orthodontics have been steadily changing the old perceptions of what it is to wear orthodontic braces. "Clear aligners are a lovely gentle way to straighten children`s teeth " says Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a specialist orthodontist who has seen the results that clear aligners can achieve. Dr wexler understands the costs of dental treatments can be disconcerting, but believes in the best of dental health care and so strives to keep the cost of braces within reach of the average persons dental health plan.