More Braces Options

We offer the widest possible range of braces choices and aligner systems.

No matter what braces or aligners you are considering, or have on

Dr Wexler offers many options - to best fit your need.

A huge relief indeed from most places who offer only one way!

Digital Orthodontics!

Awesome orthodontic modelling hugely Improves your Experience & Outcome!

We model your treatment in 3D - twice! Before & after your braces are on. 

Digital precision + robotic manufacturing delivers better quality, faster.

Click to watch our stunning Trios3 scan. No yukky impression, fast & precise. 

Precision in Orthodontics is the definition of outcome quality! We are so excited.

Request Appointment

Thorough Assessment *By the Orthodontist* is Key. Use our appointment request form. We'll contact you, confirming your request to save you time.

SureSmile® & SureClear

SureSmile® delivers better quality 35% sooner, (5 university studies)

Digital models + robots replace hand-eye estimation. 

SureClear Aligners made this way.

Self Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating is smaller, cleaner, faster.

Damon Clear™

The Clearest! - No metal - Really Close Up

Empower™ Clear

Good looking, Hygiene, No Discolouration!

Really Invisible Braces

Amazing "behind-the-teeth" braces for upper and lower teeth.

You see nothing!


Not Invisible but Acceptable - IF the look of "Attachments" is OK with you.