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Payment methods

We want the focus to be on your treatment and not your payment, so we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you. We accept all major credit cards, along with bank transfers, for your convenience. We can also set up a direct debit from your account, at your request.

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We extend payments over treatment time, or longer.

We accept cash, internet bank transfers, major credit cards, cheques.

Interest Free Low Cost Starts.

Ask us to Arrange Direct Debit for you!

  • No cost to you!
  • More Affordable - Extend payments beyond treatment.
  • Set and forget! We'll concentrate on your treatment.

Cost of Treatments

Warning!: Make sure you enter the account numbers correctly!!

*Please call us for what replaces XX in our bank account number.

Australian internet transfers

Our Bank's Name: National Australia Bank
Name of Receiving Party: Dr Geoffrey Wexler
BSB: 083170
Account Number: 047XX1943
Amount Total: Amount You are Paying
Description: Patient Name
Remitter Name: Patient Name

Payment Plans

International internet transfers

We receive international bank funds transfers. You’ll need:

Our Bank’s Name: National Australia Bank
Name of Receiving Party: Dr Geoffrey Wexler
Our Bank's SWIFT code: NATAAU3302S
Our Bank's IBAN number: AU083154047XX1943
Amount: Total Amount on Bill
Remitter’s Name: Remitter’s Name
Patient Name: Patient Name

X-Ray Costs