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Dr Wexler believes providing patient`s with the right information, so they can make informed decisions to get the best out of their orthodontic treatments. Here we provide a collection of articles and documents which both first time patients and regular patients, we hope, will find useful.

With orthodontic specialist clinics in Melbourne, Frankston and Toorak, Dr Geoffrey Wexler and his team of professional orthodontic brace technicians make every effort to ensure that their patients get the best results from their orthodontic treatments, dental braces and aligners while keeping costs within the family dental health plan.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is one of Melbourne`s passionate orthodontists, a constatnt campaigner to maintain the quality of orthodontic care in Melbourne. Dr Wexler and his team of professional orthodontists strive to give their patients the best of orthodontic care with a particularly high standard of customer service. Dr Wexler is not only passionate about creating the best smiles for his patients, but he likes his patient`s to smile of their own accord.

Dr wexler is a constant campaigner for high quality and high standards of orthodontic practices in an around dental clinics in Melbourne. If you are seeking a reputable orthodontist who utilising the latest developments in orthodontic treatments who also offers flexible scheduled repayments plans, give us a call. Dr Wexler understands that orthodontic treatments can be expensive, so ask us about our flexible repayment options at your next appointment.