Range of Cost of Braces

Braces begin in hundreds, go to "teen" thousands (for Invisible). 
Figure somewhere in this range for you.

Interest Free, low start costs.

What Affects Braces Cost?

1. Complexity of Tooth Movement

2. Invisibility of Braces (Your Choice)


  • "SureClear"™ by SureSmile™ - The Simplest Clear Aligners = limited treatments
  • "Upper-Only" / "Lower-Only" = limited treatments
  • "Metal" = least cost for the most complex, full treatments
  • "Clear"  = small cost added for Empower™ Clear or Damon™ Clear
  • "Invisalign™" = similar to cost of "Clear"
  • "Invisible Upper Braces" + Normal Lower (Concealed by Lip) + 35%
  • "Invisible Lingual Upper & Lower Braces" (all Concealed Behind Teeth) + 65%


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But I know I need braces - My dentist told me ...

Dr Wexler offers many more options than many orthodontists or dentists.

He probably has more attractive solutions than you expect.

X-Ray Costs

We'll refer you to the most advanced x-ray services possible, fully or nearly fully covered by Medicare - save you several hundreds of $.

Payment Methods

See our page on helpful Payment Methods

Transfer of Braces Treatment

We usually accept Transfer of most braces types.

Cost depends on remaining need.

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