What does Invisalign™ cost?

Invisalign™ costs less than clear braces

Invisalign™ lite - costs less than Inivisalign™

SureClear® costs less than half the cost of Invisalign

see our SureClear Page

We tailor Payment Plans for Invisalign™

Invisalign™ payments are spread over the treatment time and more!

We make it easy for you to afford the orthodontic treatment you want.

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Thorough Assessment *By the Orthodontist* is Key. Use our appointment request form. We'll contact you, confirming your request to save you time.

Transfer of Invisalign™ Treatment

Dr Wexler accepts transfer of Invisalign™ Cases. We will be be very happy to help you with this.

Can you tell me in an e-mail?

We'll Try! Please e-mail us!

Complex possibilities need discussion and examination. So We'll still need to see you.

But I know I need Invisalign - My dentist told me ...

Dr Wexler offers many more options than many orthodontists or dentists.

He might have more attractive solutions than you expect.

Invisalign Cost Calculator

Transfer of Invisalign

We *usually* accept Transfer of Invisalign to our care from another practitioner.

Cost depends on remaining need.

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Payment Methods

See our page on helpful Payment Methods