Your Orthodontic Success depends on skillful analysis & discussion - at the start.

Only a Specialist Orthodontist can do this. Not a dental nurse or general dentist.

Your first visit

Our help begins before you arrive.

We'll talk to you over the phone.

Your needs & concerns are our priority.

Dr Wexler (not a dental nurse) examines your teeth, smile, bite, photos & X-Rays.

Decision Makers - Come!

Because Mothers, fathers & partners have different concerns and questions.

And complex issues will be presented with significant costs. It's easier if all attend.

Expertise meets Needs

You'll understand all your choices: Pros, Cons, Risks, benefits, & timing.

Letters, photos & X-Rays are for you!

We'll make your treatment affordable, with payments past treatment's end!

And, if the time is right, We'll start your orthodontics on the day!

How long does it take?

Consultations take 60 minutes. Reports are done that day - after the visit.

First Visit Cost?

By the end of your first 60 minutes you'll know you're in good hands.

$200 for Adults, $170 for Child



Request Appointment

Thorough Assessment *By the Orthodontist* is Key. Use our appointment request form. We'll contact you, confirming your request to save you time.

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