How much do orthodontic braces cost in Melbourne ? Ask Dr Wexler about his flexible after treatment repayment options!

  • Melbourne, Toorak & Frankston - Victoria.
  • Dr Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist

The cost of orthodontic braces obviously varies based on the level of dental health care required to provide patients with the best most appropriate treatment available. Dr Geoffrey Wexler takes a very realistic approach becuase he understands the importance of affordable, high quality dental health care in relation to the pressures of family life.

From his Melbourne clinics in Toorak and Frankston Dr Wexler specialises in fitting his patients with orthodontic braces to correct minor, moderate and serious teeth straightening conditions. Dr Wexler is passionate about working with each of his patients to achieve the best smile for them. He understands that good, quality dental health care can be expensive but takes pride in his ability to find the best care solution for each patients health care budget.

Dr Wexler is noted to be one of the best orthodontic specialists in Melbourne and is a passionate campaigner for maintaining dental health care standards in the Melbourne region. An enthusiastic doctor who loves to engage with patients, Dr Wexler takes pride in supplying a patient with all the information they need to make appropriate, informed decisions regarding their oral contitions. He is also very understanding when it comes to making appointments and does his utmost to fit in with a patients busy schedule. Dr Wexler likes to see his patients smile with satisfaction at the end of a consultation -So at your next appointment, ask him about his affordable scheduled repayment plans which will make your dental health care treatments the best it can be.

The cost of braces can be expensive but Dr Wexler is confident that by working with his patients and listening to his patients that an appropriate treatment schedule can be actioned that is both affordable and provides the appropriate level of dental health care required by each patient.

Many dentists do not undergo the full qualifications to be known as orthodontic specialists and so rely on simply the most popular dental products and solutions for their patients oral conditions, which are not necessarily the most appropriate or affordable. Dr Wexler loathes this modern 'cookie cutter' approach to orthodontics and frequently campaigns to maintain a high level of care in local dentistry industry.

Dr Wexler takes pride in the level of customer service he insists on and so his team of orthodontic specialists are hand picked for their professional ethics and exemplary customer service. He travels frequently to dental conventions in Europe and America to research the latest innovations in orthodontic care and is a well known, early adopter of the best medical and dental practices, the knowledge and his experience he passionately passes on to his patients.

Dr Wexler is highly experienced non extraction orthodontic specialist who takes great pride in treating children, teens, and young adults get the smile they want without affecting their confidence or their self esteem. His focus is on clear and invisible braces, such as Suresmile and Elemetrix lingual braces as well as the range of clear aligners such as Sureclear and Invisalign. Dr Wexler is truly in the business of providing smiles and it thrills him to see his patients leave his care smiling confidently. So at your next appointment be sure and ask Dr Wexler about his affordable scheduled repayment options that allow you to afford the appropriate level of dental health care that meets your budget and your smile.