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For fast, invisible lingual braces - a Family orthodontist specialising in childrens orthodontic braces provide the best in children`s dental care.

When it comes to smiles that look fantastic, your family deserves a personal consultation with an eminent professional family orthodontist that genuinely cares for your childrens dental health, ensuring your childrens mouth and teeth are cared for.

Fast and Hidden Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also similar to the traditional orthodontic braces but with a slight difference in that they are fixed behind the orthodontic patients teeth. This makes the braces completely invisible to the naked eye, bringing quick results without having to go through a painful transformation process.

Benefits of Fast Orthodontic Hidden Lingual Braces
The obvious advantage of using orthodontic lingual braces is the cosmetic appeal. They look good because they are completely hidden behind the teeth, giving you a completely natural smile. They work just as fast a traditional orthodontic braces and are a popular option for those who need orthodontic treatment but still want to look good (namely, musicians, movie stars and brides to be).
Application of hidden Lingual Braces
Not every dentist can apply lingual braces. It requires the extra training provided by a orthodontic specialist. Dr Wexler is a specialist orthodontist who recommends Lingual braces which are his preferred method of fast invisible orthodontic braces. Applying Lingual orthodontic braces to teeth can be a complicated process and is therefore more likely to cost a little more. Because orthodontic braces are located behind your teeth, lingual braces can be a little hard to clean and maintain.
Invisibility Rating: 10 (Despite the drawbacks, orthodontic hidden lingual braces simply provide the quickest results of all the fast brace solutions, both short and long-term. Great for those who want their teeth to look good right away.)

Damon 3 and Damon Clear - Invisible Orthodontic Braces

Damon 3 and Damon Clear dental braces are among the most popular dental braces treatment available from your trusted family orthodontist. Damon 3 braces are more like traditional dental teeth brace treatments but they are much more invisible than the traditional metal braces. Damon Clear dental braces are a little more invisible again, but cost a little more. Damon and Damon Clear braces are well engineered, stain resistant and are very nearly invisible from all but a close up angle.

Benefits of Damon 3 and Damon Clear dental braces

All Damon braces have shown very good treatment time reductions and efficiently move teeth. With after care Damon Braces make for a complete orthodontic treatment and are known for their comfort in that they do not cause undue stress to teeth, soft mouth and muscle tissue as they treat your condition.

Damon braces are by far the best of their class in orthodontic treatments. They have a consistent success rate and impressive treatment times. Damon brace are more cosmetically pleasing effect than some of the more traditional methods of correction.

Application of Damon invisible dental braces
To have Damon dental braces fitted or removed it is necessary to visit a specialist orthodontist. Damon dental braces require specialist tools to make adjustments as the orthodontic treatment progresses though they have a reputation for requiring fewer visits thus proving their efficiency as a cure for many dental conditions.
Invisibility Rating: 7 (Damon dental braces are not completely invisible from the front, they come mighty close though. Most people say that its only in the close ups that they can tell you are wearing braces at all. Damon dental braces are much better than regular metal orthodontic braces, much more cosmetically appealing. Damon dental braces may cost a little more but they will save you in overall treatment time and return appointments. These orthodontic braces are recommended for those who care about looks. )

Ceramic Orthodontic Braces

Much like their metal counterparts, the ceramic dental braces are fitted at the front of the teeth, both upper and lower usually, depending on each patient’s circumstances. The bands are still visible, but thinner and smaller and better concealed than their metal counterparts. Ceramic dental braces are suitable for most types of dental problems and are flexible in terms of orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Braces

What makes the orthodontic ceramic braces special is their ceramic structure. Instead of metal ligaments, ceramic dental braces contain ceramic ligaments that are as durable as metal but more cosmetically concealed because of the thinner wire ligaments and their colouring which matches the teeth.

Application of Ceramic Dental Braces
To have ceramic dental braces fitted or removed you will have to visit a specialist orthodontist as they require special tools to make adjustments as treatment progresses.

In terms of cleaning, the brackets glued onto the teeth will not stain, making them easier to maintain, however, some smaller parts that hold the braces together may stain over time.
Invisibility Rating: 7 (More cosmetically appealing and easier to clean than orthodontic metal braces. Definitely one of the most cost effective methods of orthodontic treatment. These dental braces are recommended for those who don’t mind traditional orthodontic braces, but would a like a little more concealment than traditional orthodontic braces and comfort.)

Visit a Specialist Orthodontist today

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a very approachable family friendly childrens orthodontist, highly experienced in providing Invisible orthodontic care using the latest in orthodontic braces technology to deliver subtle and natural smiles.

Dr Wexler and his team of specialist orthodontists can treat your children for all orthodontic braces including SureSmile fast QT braces, Incognito braces hidden behind the teeth, invisible braces that are hidden from view or are clear braces ensure a more attractive more acceptable treatment for patients who want invisible orthodontic braces when no-one knows you are wearing orthodontic braces.

There are a couple of different types of fast invisible braces as we have seen and your specialist orthodontist will best be able to guide you through the options and help you decide on the whether concealed or hidden orthodontic braces are best for your needs. If you don’t have a family orthodontist or are looking for a quick preview of the kinds of braces for orthodontic treatments available, we can help you out.

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