Where are Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces are hidden behind teeth on the "Lingual" inside.

Sometimes called Internal Braces. No-one knows unless you tell them.

Dr Wexler is the longest qualified Lingual SureSmile® doctor in Melbourne.

Invisible Hidden Behind-The-Teeth Braces are 30% of our Practice now!

Hidden Lingual Behind-The-Teeth Braces by SureSmile®

Lingual SureSmile® - the most advanced Lingual braces - are created using very sophisticated state-of-the-art software and robotic technology.

Powerful as standard braces, but not to be seen. The fastest, most accurate, most efficient system for totally invisible upper and lower invisible braces.

Who has Lingual Braces?

  • Adult professionals
  • People who are concerned about wearing braces that show
  • Fashion Models
  • Musicians who play wind instruments
  • Adults and teens playing contact sport

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Incognito™ braces

Incognito™ is an older type of lingual braces.

We'll take over care of your Incognito™ and we have a *very large* amount of experience and all required materials, but we no longer put on Incognito™.

Really Invisible Appearance Lingual Braces vs. Invisalign