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Proven by 21,000 finished cases & 5 peer-reviewed studies. 

Dr Wexler is one of 60 Australian SureSmile® orthodontists.

Dr Wexler has finished over 400 SureSmile® patients. 

Dr Wexler  is the longest qualified Lingual SureSmile® doctor in Melbourne.

The best way he's ever practiced in his 29 years as a specialist.


Why is SureSmile® Faster & Better?

Your treatment plan is designed & tested by Dr Wexler in a 3D model before start!

Robots make your arch-wires.  Zero error! Vastly more precise than hand-made.

(Ever thought of flying in a hand-made airplane when you have AirBus?)

SureSmile® Speed vs. Conventional Orthodontics:

  • Greater control by doctor
  • All components are machine-made
  • Precision 3D model to make wires
  • Teeth move more directly to target
  • Super-elastic titanium custom spring wires = more movement each visit
  • Simultaneous movements of teeth - teeth reach target sooner

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Get to the roots and bone of the matter.
"…the suresmile system is unique in that it allows fabrication of robot-bent archwires, which have been shown to produce treatment outcomes similar to those predicted in the setup".
Grünheid T, Kirk D, Larson B.

The effect of root and bone visualization on perception
of the quality of orthodontic treatment simulations.

The Angle Orthodontist, May 2017



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*  2007 for the same doctors - based on comparison of 1,849 patients treated conventionally to 4,376 patients treated with SureSmile® - company data

University Theses on SureSmile® Efficiency and Effectiveness

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Orthodontic Planning of Root Positions Really Matters

Multiple Studies Show SureSmile Faster & Better