Suresmile Lingual Braces are clinically proven to be the fastest, best braces ever

  • Melbourne, Toorak & Frankston - Victoria.
  • Dr Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist

As more and more people are looking at alternative options for straightening their teeth. Suresmile braces are now one of the fastest growing brands on the orthodontic market with many young adults. In all clinical trials used to compare Suresmile braces in traditional treatment times Suresmile showed outstanding results with improvements of up to 35%.

Suresmile lingual braces are braces sit behind the teeth, rather than in front. Combining the cosmetic advantages of clear aligners such as Sureclear and Invisalign, with the treatment times and corrective properties of more traditional type braces like Damons.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a braces specialist who has been using SureSmile orthodontic products in his practices in Frankston and Toorak longer than any other Melbourne orthodontist. As one of the best orthodontists in Melbourne, Dr Wexler strives to stay on top of the latest developments and using only the best products in the orthodontic field, Dr Wexler specialises in what he calls ‘fast braces’ and ‘invisible braces’.

Not as many dentists recommend lingual braces as they can only be fitted by a specialist orthodontist, who undergo extra training in order to be proficient at fitting this type of extremely efficient invisible orthodontic brace. Dr Geoffrey Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading Family Friendly Orthodontists who has been fitting patients with lingual braces for many years. Dr Wexler understands the importance of those wedding day smiles.

Dr Wexler is highly experienced in orthodontics, seeking new solutions that can help children, teens, and young adults get the smile they want without affecting their confidence or their self esteem. Focusing on clear and invisible braces, such as lingual braces, Dr Wexler is consistently among the first orthodontists in Melbourne to offer revolutionary and innovative treatments for young people.