Orthodontic solutions for children without the fuss - an Introduction to Orthodontic Treatments for the young by Dr. Wexler.

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With fast invisible braces, hidden braces, Invisalign and clear aligners for the best in your childrens dental health care.

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler is a family friendly orthodontist specialising in childrens orthodontic braces. Invisible braces for children sit behind the teeth so for the best in your childrens orthodontic care see Dr. Geoffrey Wexler at his Frankston or Toorak clinic in Melbourne.

Please ask us how much Braces Cost? For best price of childrens braces, we take pride in being one of the leading childrens orthodontic specialist clinics in Melbourne and truly understand the importance of your families dental health care.

Specialist Orthodontists provide multiple options for braces treatment. So ask one of the team members or Dr. Wexler about the Cost of Braces.

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler operates family centric orthodontic clinics in Toorak and Frankston specialising in children`s orthodontic braces and treatments for orthodontic malformation conditions in teeth and jaw bone development.

Orthodontic braces for adults - Why do adults request invisible orthodontic braces ?

A common misunderstanding among adults is that orthodontic braces are only useful when you are younger, losing its effectiveness as you grow old. With orthodontic braces, this is simply not true, though it is up to your orthodontist to decide what is most suitable for you. Adult orthodontic braces and cosmetic orthodontic treatments for weddings are not just for good looks, they help alleviate issues such as overcrowding, over and underbites and other orthodontic conditions that may lead to longer term health issues such as gum disease and headaches from crooked or misaligned teeth.

For those worried about the cosmetic issues during the time orthodontic braces are worn, don’t be. While this may have been a problem in the past, new invisible braces have become a popular treatment method, with a variety options such as coloured braces, lingual braces and invisalign which technically aren’t braces but provide similar benefits without the hassle, read on for more information.

Let’s talk dental braces and other amazing orthodontic treatments available today from Dr. Wexler in Melbourne

The benefits of orthodontic braces are undeniable, so let’s have a look at some of the types of braces available for childrens dental health care.

  • Fast, Invisible Brace solutions with Lingual Braces that are hidden behind the teeth

    Lingual braces are widely popular and as dental brace solutions are among some of the most effective invisible orthodontic braces, showing some of the fastest and shortest treatment times. Concealed orthodontic braces can be fitted on both upper and lower teeth but they are guaranteed to remain hidden from direct line of sight. This makes them very difficult to detect, making them the best option cosmetically as well as having fast and effective orthodontic treatment times.

    Lingual braces are perfect as wedding day braces and for those brides-to-be who are looking to get their best smiles before the big day, we highly recommend Lingual braces.

  • Invisalign

    Invisalign are not really braces, but deserve a spot on the great orthodontic treatment list because they are a gentle way to straighten teeth without the garish appearance of metal braces. Invisalign aligners are essentially ‘trays’ of plastic that fit around and over the teeth. They are designed by 3D-ICAT computer systems and are worn for short periods of time before switching to the next one. Little by little they align your teeth into the shape designed by your orthodontic specialist. Invisalign is perfect for those who would like to treat their crooked teeth but want to avoid the hassle of braces, they are easy to remove, clean and do not require an orthodontic specialist to put them back on again.

  • Damon clear braces and Damon Braces, the braces that we all know and trust

    Damon braces are the most common among the Metal braces that most of us are aware of. They are strong and resistant to breakage. Some childrens orthodontists prefer Damon clear braces which are smaller and less visible than the average Damon metal brace. Damon braces are more hygienic than other dental brace solutions and don’t discolour which makes them easier to keep clean.

For the Best in orthodontic invisible braces, Dr. Wexler from his orthodontic braces clinic recommends Invisalign, Empower or Elemetrix Clear Aligner orthodontic treatments

It’s hard to doubt the merits of a great smile, which is why orthodontic and dental treatment is so important. Despite the benefits of orthodontic braces treatments, a large number of people today still avoid braces, the numbers are dropping, but with the advances in invisible braces as orthodontic treatments improve and become more affordable than ever, there are less excuses to avoid proper orthodontic treatment for your family. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.

To achieve that beautiful smile, fast orthodontic treatment with hidden braces is a perfect solution.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a Non Extraction Orthodontic Specialist who finds the perfect solution for your invisible orthodontic braces.

Dr Wexler is a non extraction specialist orthodontist and prefers to work with children as their teeth and jaw bones are developing, so that they grow up with nice natural healthy smiles. While orthodontic braces are probably the best and easiest treatment for dental conditions such as crooked teeth or overbites, sometimes it’s necessary to take great measure in order to guarantee good dental health.

Talk to your family orthodontist about your dental needs, preferably choose a specialist orthodontist as they can offer a wider range of treatment options and are very often more cost effective and trouble free than a regular dentist.

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