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Dr. Wexler is a family friendly childrens orthodontist specialising in invisible orthodontic braces for children.

Dental braces cost ! We know, so please ask us about our Cost of Braces and affordable payment terms when you make an appointment.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler specialises in non-extraction and invisible orthodontic braces, particularly for the young. We can fit your children with invisible Damon Clear Braces or Incognito invisible lingual brace solutions that are hidden behind the teeth providing the best in completely invisible dental brace treatments. We also specialise in Clear Aligners and can fit you for Empower and Elemetrix, Myobrace or No Brace clear aligners.

Dr Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading orthodontists with some of the best orthodontic clinics in Melbourne providing your children with family friendly dental health care services.

Incognito lingual braces are fast, invisible and completely concealed behind the teeth

For the fastest treatment times and the most invisible dental solutions, Incognito lingual braces are completely invisible when you smile. This is one of the best and most cosmetically pleasing orthodontic brace treatments available.

Suresmile, Invisalign, Empower and Elemetrix clear aligners are a very affordable and viable alternative to Damon braces or regular Orthodontic Braces.

Invisalign, Empower and Elemetrix are all clear aligners and represent affordable dental treatment options that do not require visible metal braces such as Damon and Damon Clear braces. Clear aliners are applied to teeth for a couple of hours each evening and are increasingly popular among children.

As a childrens orthodontic specialist Dr Wexler recommends clear aligners, as a lovely gentle way to straighten teeth, Suresmile and Invisalign clear aligners offer the full range of clear aligners for more complex cases.

We care about your Teeth and your childrens Teeth so ask us about the Cost of Braces

Meet our Specialist Children`s Orthodontist - Dr. Geoffrey Wexler

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a childrens orthodontic specialist with family friendly dental clinics conveniently located in Melbourne suburbs of Toorak and Frankston.

Dr Wexler is a non extraction specialist orthodontist. Dr Wexler likes to work with the natural growth and development of teeth rather than extract them, and so recommends Incognito invisible lingual braces or well fitted clear aligners as the best dental solutions for your childrens dental health care.

We care about your Teeth and your childrens Teeth so ask us about the Cost of Braces, we are more than happy to support the best choice for your families teeth on your dental health plan budget.

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Why come aged 7 ?

Age 7 is the time to assess children to capture passing opportunities to avoid extractions & jaw surgery!

Growing jaws are manipulated more easily than adults.

Specialist skill is needed to take advantage of these opportunities.

Early Treatment

We certainly don't treat all 7-8 year olds!

But, between age 7-10 yrs, we may take a passing opportunity to correct a jaw that is too far from the other.

We avoid Jaw operations in some cases.

We reduce Risk of Dental Trauma if teeth protrude.

We also act to preserve natural spaces  - to avoid extractions later.

A Specialist Orthodontist is Best to identify these.

Child Orthodontics

Crooked teeth and jaw size problems are evident from early ages.

Children aren't concerned until they become socially more mature.

The best time for assessment is about age 7.

The best time for treatment varies from 7 - 14.

Should I bring my child?

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When Should my Child's Tooth Come Through?

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