Orthodontics with Dr Geoffrey Wexler

We offer the broadest range of treatments to make you smile, from tiny, high-tech traditional braces to discreet options like Invisalign™, or truly invisible hidden Alias® Lingual, super-clear aligners by SureSmile®, Spark™, 3M Clarity™, Dental Monitoring™, Damon™ Clear, Incognito™ & combinations. Dr Wexler accepts transfer cases - we don't reject!  Your dental priority becomes ours. You’ll defintiely find your most suitable orthodontic option with Dr. Wexler and his dedicated team.

Braces for children

With some conditions, intervention at a younger age reduces treatment severity and duration, which is why children ages 7 and up should be seen by an orthodontist. Treatments aren’t always recommended at age 7 but we don't want to miss opportunities to avoid extractions or to avoid longer treatment plans in the future.

Our treatments for children are specifically created with small smiles in mind and feature the most comfortable solutions available.

Braces for Children

Orthodontic brace treatments

Adult braces

With adults being half our client base, it’s a reminder that you’re never too old to try to achieve a straighter smile. We offer invisible braces and clear aligners to all adults. Treatment times vary depending on your unique needs.

Adult braces

Adult braces


Dr Wexler prefers treatment of the greatest benefit with the least extractions. Occasionally to get the best result for your smile, extractions will be your best option. The need for extractions may be self-evident, but Dr. Wexler always explains the pros and cons and alternatives in detail. Every patient must be be comfortable with the best course of action.



Multiple Clear aligner systems

Hidden braces behind teeth

We proudly offer all our patients, from teens up, multiple options for discreet orthodontic care. In the way people really want it. Clear aligners bring you treatment that is nearly invisible, and give you the convenience to pop your aligner out for social situations. Aligners also enable remote treatment monitoring (see Dental Monitoring™ below). Meaning fewer vistis for time-stretched people.
But our powerful, Invisible hidden braces, behind teeth, will truly enable treatment for many people who were diappointed when told elsewhere that Invisalign was not suitable. Lingual braces ususally are the answer.



Invisalign® offers you the ability to get a straighter smile without the use of metal brackets that fixate to your teeth. Instead, you are given a set of aligner trays that get changed out every 1-2 weeks, gradually moving your teeth into position according to your treatment plan.

*This product is not available for purchase by the general public. Always follow the directions for use.

Is Invisalign® Right for You?


Invisible braces behind teeth

Invisible braces attach behind your upper (and lower) teeth - go on the inside - where they can't be seen, giving you powerful and fast treatment as in traditional braces, while being truly invisible and discreet. We use the worlds best SureSmile® wires, precisely robotically customised for you, with the world's best lingual, Alias™ brackets, to move your teeth. These braces interfere with speech slghtly, about the same as aligners and normal braces do, but they will treat many complex issues much faster and much better than aligners. A truly unique set of advantages.

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Invisible Braces Behind Teeth

Invisible fast braces

Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontics offers an extensive range of invisible brace technologies, hidden behind your teeth. We understand that discreet treatment helps you feel more confident with your smile treatment. Invisible braces have shorter and more powerful alignment times compared with clear aligner systems, so that you see the results faster.

Invisible fast braces

Dental monitoring®

Orthodontic treatment should fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. And now, it does. All you need for your check-up is a smartphone. Snap a selfie wherever you are, upload it to the app and get back to your busy schedule.

Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring

SureSmile® aligner

SureSmile® aligner offers a super-clear alternative compated to other main brands. SureSmile® aligner is super-sophiticated which allows Dr Wexler a very fast manufacture time. We use this for smaller cases because it enables very low cost corrections for simple problems, compated to other makers. SureSmile Aligners also go very well in combinations with braces, which other main brands do not support.

Always read the label and follow the instructions for use.

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Spark™ aligners

Spark™ aligners are the most transparent orthodontic option available and often preferred for this quallity. Spark™ is a "no-compromise".aligner from the most famous orthodontic company. These discreet aligners are custom made for your exact need to ensure that your treatment is super efficient.

Discover Spark aligners

Spark Aligners

3M™ clarity aligners

3M Clarity, a very famous orthodontic company, also makes excellent clear aligners which Dr Wexler offers. 3M Clarity Aligners are completely customised to your best smile. You can pair your treatment with the 3M™ Treatment Tracking App for consults on the go!

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3M™ Clarity Aligners


SureSmile® offers an advanced technology treatment plan in 3D with a uniquely super-elastic, custom-bent, low-force and highly comfortable titanium wire. This custom-made wire will straighten your teeth in the most precise, painless way possible and in the least amount of time.

Studies show results between 30% to 40% faster than traditional braces and for higher quality outcomes on average. SureSmile uses patented and unique precision-built brackets and archwires.

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3D x-ray iCAT 

3D Optical Scanning

We’ve done away with uncomfortable moulds that make you gag. Instead, for the last 10 years, we've used cutting-edge 3D optical camera technology, stiched to (optional) 3D X-Ray scans of your roots and bone. This enables Dr. Wexler to use the most powerful orthodontic treatment planning and delivery technologies known. There is no going back from this. 

iCAT 3D scanner

3D X-Ray iCAT. &  Intra-Oral Scans


See the incredible results that our orthodontic technology can achieve. View our collection of stunning smiles that we’ve helped create and get ready for your own smile transformation.

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