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The Cost Of Invisalign In Australia

Have you ever wondered about the cost of Invisalign in Australia? Invisalign has become a popular method in cosmetic dentistry for teeth straightening. It’s discreet and the cost of invisible braces is becoming more competitive.

While traditional braces are still a popular choice, as long as the Invisalign cost remains comparable to other orthodontic options, aligner treatment will continue to be popular with adults and teens alike.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Metal Braces

While the cost of Invisalign treatment may be similar to braces, that’s where the similarities end.

How much your particular treatment will cost is determined by several elements, such as:

    How long the treatment will take
    The complexity of your orthodontic issues

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Australia?

So how much does Invisalign cost? The cost of Invisalign in Australia will vary depending on the dental practice and the complexity of your case. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,500 for basic orthodontic treatment with Invisalign all the way up to $9,000 for a full treatment.

You may also need to pay for further consultations and things like X-rays and supplementary treatments which will also impact the total cost of treatment.

Factors That Impact Invisalign Cost

There are many factors that impact the total cost of your Invisalign treatment plan. Besides the complexity of your case and how many individual Invisalign aligners and adjustments you will need, there are other factors that affect the cost of Invisalign in Australia. These include the experience of the team and the location of your treatment.

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your smile without anyone noticing, though, Invisalign is the way to go.

Let’s take a closer look at what this incredible, almost invisible treatment can do for you.

What You Need to Know About Invisalign Braces

If you’re not familiar with Invisalign, and wondering how does Invisalign work, let’s start with the basics.

Firstly, Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that work to straighten your teeth. The treatment has soared in popularity over the last few years, with more than 5 million patients around the world seeking discreet orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign offers a whole list of benefits over traditional braces. For instance, there aren’t any wires that are susceptible to breaking, you can take aligners out to clean your teeth, you don’t have to give up your favourite foods and no one will really notice your treatment until you produce a sparkling new smile.

What’s more, Invisalign helps maintain good oral hygiene practices. That’s because you can take the aligners out to eat, drink, brush and floss your teeth. Each set of aligners is custom-made for you.

To make the aligners, we take X-rays, impressions and photographs of your teeth. We then use 3D technology to create a completely customised plan for your treatment, which helps us precisely determine the cost of your Invisalign in Australia treatment.

Suitable Invisalign Candidates

Invisalign is a highly successful orthodontic treatment, but it’s not perfect for everyone. If you need extensive orthodontic work or you have a large overbite, Invisalign may not be the right solution. The aligners are also not great for children whose teeth are still growing.

But for older teenagers and adults who don’t need major orthodontic work, Invisalign is the way to go.

Big Invisalign Aligner Benefits

There are plenty of reasons adults are attracted to Invisalign aligners. They can help correct a number of orthodontic issues, such as widely spaced teeth, overcrowded teeth, overbites, underbites and even cross-bites.

If you’re wondering how the benefits justify the cost of Invisalign in Australia, just take a look:

    Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible

    You can remove them for up to 2 hours every day

    Aligners cause less irritation to cheeks, gums and teeth

    Aligners are comfortable and there’s low impact on your daily activities

So, Teenagers Can Get Invisalign, Too?

Yes! In fact, there’s a specific product for teenagers that’s called Invisalign Teen. Since teens tend to be more self-conscious about their smile, they appreciate that the aligners are virtually invisible. Invisalign Teen uses the same technology and process with a few helpful modifications.

A tiny indicator on the aligners gradually changes from a blue colour to clear, reminding teens to move on to the next set of aligners in their treatment plan. Teens also receive a number of free replacement aligners, just in case they misplace or lose any, and this is all part of the final cost.

Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Results

Results of treatment with Invisalign in Australia last just as long as the result you get from traditional braces. But regardless of the technique used, teeth can relapse over time. That’s why we recommend a fixed retainer at the end of your treatment. The retainer can be applied directly to your teeth. Alternatively, you may need to wear a night time retainer to maintain your smile.

All these costs are included in your initial quote, so you know exactly what you get for your money.

The Associated Costs of Invisalign Aligners

You might already realise that you’re paying for the aligner trays and your orthodontist’s time and skills. The costs, though, break down in different ways. Comparing fees is one way to help you see what you get for your money when you consider the costs of Invisalign in Australia.

Generally, orthodontists ask anywhere between $100 and $200 for an initial consultation. You may require x-rays, and these can cost an extra $25 up to $250. You’ll also need to consider that night time or extra retainer and you’ll need for some months or even years after your initial Invisalign treatment. Aftercare costs can start at around $1,000.

If your alignment issues aren’t particularly severe, you’re more likely to save money on a less involved programme and faster treatment time.


Invisalign Express is a treatment designed for patients with minor orthodontic issues that require only minor corrections. The treatment is faster, and therefore more cost-effective.

Invisalign Express costs between $1,500 – $4,500.

Are Invisalign Costs Covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, Invisalign treatment costs are not covered by Medicare, however many private health insurance policies may cover either the full or partial costs of your Invisalign treatment. 

If you wish to claim your Invisalign treatment on your health insurance policy, be sure to contact your private health insurance provider. 

Keeping Orthodontic Treatment Affordable

If you’re worried about the cost of Invisalign in Australia, there are a couple of options available to make your treatment more affordable. These include:

    Health insurance and dental cover – dental cover can be used alongside health insurance to cover a portion of your Invisalign treatment. Talk to your health insurance company for more details.
    Dental cover – dental cover provides savings on dental treatments, including Invisalign.
    Flexible payment options – we offer flexible payment options 
    such as payment plans to help you pay off your treatment over a period of time.

We want you to get the best treatment at the best prices, which is why Invisalign cost in Australia has become more affordable than ever.

Find out if Invisalign is right for you. Book a consultation at Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist today.

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