Dr. Wexler is a leading Melbourne childrens orthodontist with clinics in Melbourne, Toorak and Frankston.

Dr. Wexler specialises fitting invisible orthodontic braces for children at a cost your family dental health plan can afford.

  • Melbourne, Toorak & Frankston - Victoria.

Dr Wexler is a non extraction orthodontic specialist who prefers to work with children as their teeth and jaw bones are developing, so that they grow up with nice natural healthy smiles.

Children`s dental braces have been known to help avoid some of the more complex problems such as jaw misalignment which may require surgery, so it’s a good idea to take your child to see an orthodontist early.

Childrens orthodontic braces, invisible braces, Incognito lingual braces and Invisalign clear aligners at the cost of a family budget.

If you’re in Melbourne, Australia we recommend Dr Geoffrey Wexler, a qualified family friendly children`s orthodontic specialist. Passionate about his work and straightforward with his diagnosis and treatments, Dr Wexler has clinics in Toorak and Frankston.

Dr Wexler understands that in a busy world, where people hurry about their own business with barely any time to sit down and make proper informed decisions, prompt appointments that are adhered to, is the most efficient way to your family`s orthodontic health.

Dr Wexler is expert and professional in all orthodontic braces treatments, so when it comes to smiles that look fantastic, your family deserves a personal consultation with an eminent professional family orthodontist that genuinely cares for your children`s dental health, ensuring your children`s mouth and teeth are cared for at the highest level.

For fast results from Adult Braces for those special family wedding photographs, smile ... we recommend invisible lingual braces that sit behind the teeth, hidden and completely invisible from the front - you just smile and look great for those wedding day photos - very important moments.

Meet Our Orthodontic Team

Dr Wexler, married with three children and a dog - so he understands a families need for dental health.

Dr Wexler's hand selected team offer full service family orthodontic surgery with an emphasis on prompt and personal appointments, ensuring that your family's health requirements are met.

Dr Wexler's Orthodontic team are all about making your smile the best it can be, with good advice, lots of information on the most modern and appropriate options, allowing you to make informed choices, the best choices for your children's dental treatment, so ask us about the Cost of Braces.

How special is our specialist orthodontist and childrens orthodontist.

Dr Wexler has been teaching at the University of Melbourne in the Oral Health Therapy training course for the past 11 years, and has been president of Australian Society of Orthodontists and Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity.

Dr Wexler is also one of forty Australian orthodontic specialist’s to utilise SureSmile ICAT 3D modeling technology, which allows orthodontists to study your teeth from all angles, providing the best results in treatment.

Personally I found Dr Wexler, to be passionate about dental health, I have never encountered a man so deeply engaged, educated and professional about dental health.

Dr Wexler is something of a leading light in local dental industry, publishing educated technical dental papers and reports on his studies and findings. He travels a couple of times a year to Dental seminars and lecture tours overseas in an endeavour to stay abreast of the latest developments in Dental technique and methodologies in dental health care.

Dr Wexler has taught at the University of Melbourne in the Oral Health Therapy training course for the past 11 years.

Dr Wexler campaigns for the maintenance of high standards amongst the peers of his profession and regards cookie-cutter dental services as delivering a sub-standard Doctor patient relationship, with a poor customer experience.

Dr Wexler likes to talk about what he does and is a wealth of keen insight and good advice regarding patient’s dental health, he is truly dedicated, passionate doctor who genuinely cares for his patients.

Doing Orthodontic work doesn't make a dentist into an orthodontist

A real Orthodontist is an Orthodontic Specialist Registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority "Specialty-Orthodontics"

Registered Orthodontic specialists are distinguished by a higher degree of skill, evidenced by their diagnostic experience and treatment expertise, than practicing dentists. Orthodontic specialist skills lower the risk of costly mistakes with your children's Orthodontic braces treatment. Orthodontic specialists offer more choices of appropriate braces treatments, making available less expensive options of quality and effectiveness.

Dr Wexler explains: Specialist orthodontists undergo extra certification and examination and can therefore provide more accurate diagnosis of orthodontic conditions. Specialist orthodontists can offer you far more options for the treatment of your children`s dental health, than can a normal dentist (namely, with clinical master’s degrees), Specialist orthodontic treatment provides a high quality professional service that benefits the orthodontic patients with a wider variety of choices in orthodontic braces to suit their needs in a cost effective way, without the pain and heartache of expensive mistakes by those less qualified. So ask us about the Cost of Braces.

Consult with our specialist family orthodontist for the best in family dental health care.

Specialist Outcomes

Dr Wexler has 30 years *specialist* experience - devoted to best outcomes.

All your team here are Brilliant, Gorgeous and Devoted to Care for You.

Our past 8 years has been a Digital Practice. We won't go back!

Digital Orthodontics is proven to deliver Better Quality, much Sooner.


In life "We Don't Always Get What We Want". So true in orthodontics ...

In orthodontics, you need the best specialist team you can find to get what you want.

Team Goal:

"Let's Get You Out of Here"    with a lifelong smile   -   in the nicest possible way!

Largest Range of Treatments

  • All possible Child, Adults & Teen braces
  • Avoid Extractions & Jaw Surgery
  • Hidden Braces
  • Invisalign™
  • Hybrid Aligner/Braces - reduces Treatment time

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Thorough Assessment *By the Orthodontist* is Key. Use our appointment request form. We'll contact you, confirming your request to save you time.

Digital = Speed, Quality & Safety

Dr Wexler 3D models all treatment outcomes for you. We look before we leap!

Digital precision reduces treatment time & risk but increases your treatment choices!

3D Dimensional Digital Systems

Trios3 scanner, Invisalign™, SureSmile®, SureClear®, Dolphin™ 3D X-Rays, Remote Dental Monitoring ™

22 Years of Invisible Braces!

Hidden Lingual braces are powerful, fast, the most invisible braces.

Digital Lingual Braces deliver ideal quality results in the fastest time.

20 Years Invisalign™ Experience

Reliable & Sophisticated. Perfect for many people.

Dr Wexler's Invisalign cases have the lowest need for additional aligners. 0% 

Australian average is 80%.

Early Treatment

Avoid extractions by age 7 early assessment.

Bite jumper, face mask, space maintainer simplify treatment.

Costs? - Low & Managed!

We extend payments even beyond treatment, increasing your outcomes.

We are not "Dr Quick-Fast Smiles" or "Dr Speedy Teeth"

You need a quality result. Do it right, do it once. Come to us.