The Best specialist orthodontist in Melbourne, Toorak and Frankston, keeping the cost of Orthodontic Braces affordable. How much do invisible orthodontic braces cost?

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With special invisible lingual braces for wedding`s, Dr. Wexler and his team specialise in fitting invisible braces, clear damon invisible braces for both Adult`s and Children. We strive to keep childrens orthodontic braces affordable and within the confines of your Family Dental Health plan.

With orthodontic specialist clinics in Melbourne, Frankston and Toorak, Dr Geoffrey Wexler and his family friendly team of professional invisible dental brace technicians make dental braces costs within your family dental health plan reasonable.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading Family Friendly Orthodontists. Fitting clear damon braces, invisible braces and orthodontic treatments that use the latest Invisalign clear aligners and invisible dental braces technology to deliver invisible lingual braces concealed behind the teeth for your family.

How much do Invisible Braces Cost? Dr Wexler brings affordable and invisible braces to Melbourne.

Dr wexler believes in the best of dental health care and strives to bring the cost of braces within reach of the average family dental health plan.

Dental braces straighten crooked and irregular teeth. Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a specialist orthodontist who provides hidden and invisible dental braces, including lingual braces and clear brace aligners. Using technology from invisalign, Dr. Wexler and his team deliver invisible dental braces as well as clear braces that ensure his clients smile with confidence.

Invisible dental braces are hidden from view behind the teeth and sometimes clear braces and clear aligners ensure a more comfortable treatment for patients who want concealed dental braces for their teeth.

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Invisible Lingual braces from Incognito braces are completely invisible braces for growing teeth.

Incognito Lingual braces are more complex to apply to teeth and can only efficiently be fitted by specialist orthodontists. By using predictive computer modelling a specialist orthodontist can predict the movement of teeth, positioning Incognito lingual braces to move teeth into desired patterns of growth, fitting and adjusting the parts of the invisible lingual braces as the dental treatment progresses. Incognito Lingual brace dental treatments require repeat visits as treatment progresses and will require periodic adjustment to ensure that teeth grow and adjust.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler, as a specialist orthodontist highly recommends Incognito lingual braces when it comes to invisible braces, over other methods of orthodontic teeth straightening. Incognito invisible lingual braces sit behind the teeth and are therefore completely invisible to everyone - no one will know you are wearing incognito braces with invisible lingual braces. Dr Wexler is able to provide invisible dental braces, including Incognito lingual braces and Damon clear or Invisalign clear aligner dental brace treatments for both adults and children.

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Invisible brace solutions with clear aligners - Invisalign, Empower and Elemetrix by suresmile.

The clear aligners that Dr Wexler recommends are Invisalign and SureSmile which provide reliable treatment and have proven results for some time now . As a specialist orthodontist and leading light in the Melbourne field of dentistry, Dr Geoffrey Wexler also recommends Empower and Elemetrix clear aligners as a very nice, gentle method for moving teeth that do not cause any trauma to the patient in any way.

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Cost of braces versus the cost of clear aligners.

Clear aligners, once manufactured specifically for the patients mouth are very easily fitted to the teeth, come with no eating restrictions and can be applied simply and easily by children at night before they go to sleep.

Clear aligners are a very affordable way to straighten teeth and although treatment time is a bit longer than more conventional Damon dental braces they still lead to a beautiful smile in a gentle and natural way. Invisalign and other clear aligners rely on the latest in high tech dentistry known as computerised predictive modelling using iCAT 3D computer technology.

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Dr Geoffrey Wexler - Specialist Orthodontist in Melbourne - Toorak and Frankston Surgeries

Considered as the best orthodontist in Melbourne by his patients, Dr. Wexler is a braces specialist with many years experience.

Dr Wexler is something of a leading light in professional local Melbourne dentistry circles, he studies overseas regularly attending dentistry conferences in the USA and in UK in order to keep up to date with the latest techniques, research and information pertaining to dental braces treatments. He also tirelessly campaigns locally in order to maintain high standards of local dentistry procedures, regularly delivering research papers that garner much respect among his professional peers.

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