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Damon Clear™

Thanks to advances in technology, treatment with braces is more swift and discreet than ever before. With Damon Clear™ braces, you can smile all the way through treatment.

What are Damon Clear™ braces?

Damon Clear™ braces are very advanced self-ligating brackets which don’t require coloured rubber rings to lock the straightening wire in each bracket, making for better looking, more precicse, faster, more efficient treatment. These clear braces do not stain like the others do, so are are always much less noticeable.

Damon Clear™ braces are made from tooth-coloured ceramic that blends with the natural colour of your teeth and smile. These ceramic braces are as sturdy and reliable as the very best of metal braces. Damon Clear™ ceramic braces will remain stain-free for the whole of your treatment.

How do Damon Clear™ braces work?

The patented slide mechanism of the Damon System™ allows your archwire to move easily through your brackets, which reduces friction during treatment. This not only makes your teeth move more efficiently, but it also means there is far less pressure on your teeth.

Because Damon Clear™ brackets are self-adjusting, you won’t need to come to our practice for nearly as many adjustment appointments as you would with traditional braces. This means treatment with Damon Clear™ is easy to fit into your schedule.

Benefits of Damon Clear™ braces

Patients of all ages enjoy Damon Clear™ braces because they are:


  • Discreet: The ceramic material of Damon Clear™ brackets helps your treatment blend in with your smile.
  • Efficient: Because of the patented sliding mechanism, you’ll experience faster treatment times.
  • Convenient: The self-adjusting brackets require fewer office visits during treatment.
  • Hygienic: With no elastic ties to trap food and bacteria, it’s much easier to clean your teeth.
  • Comfortable: Smoother brackets and less friction make treatment with Damon Clear™ more enjoyable.

The difference is clear!

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