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Damon Clear™

Thanks to advances in technology, treatment with braces is more swift and discreet than ever before. With Damon Clear™ braces, you can smile all the way through treatment.
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Discover the Benefits of Damon Braces

Seeking a smile transformation that sets you apart? Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, achieving your dream smile with Damon Braces is quicker and more discreet than ever before. With Damon Clear™ braces, smiling through treatment isn’t just possible; it’s a given. 

Thanks to advanced orthodontic technology, Damon Clear™ braces offer effective treatment without compromising on looks. Say goodbye to noticeable metal teeth aligners and hello to a confident smile throughout your journey. With over 30+ years of specialist orthodontist experience, Dr Geoffrey Wexler is here to deliver exceptional results efficiently and discreetly. 

What Sets Clear Damon Braces Apart?

Revolutionising orthodontic care, the Damon System introduces a groundbreaking patented slide mechanism for archwires. This innovative feature not only enhances tooth movement but also promotes optimal oral hygiene by eliminating the need for elastic ties. Compared to traditional braces, which rely on elastic ties causing friction and collecting bacteria, the ceramic braces by Damon Braces offer a broader smile, preferred by the majority of adults. The natural broad arch smile provides facial support for a youthful appearance and improves overall facial profile. With Damon Braces, teeth are upright and properly positioned, enhancing function and smile appeal. 

Treatment with Damon Braces is also faster, requiring fewer appointments, thanks to light, gentle forces and shape-memory wires. This innovative approach reduces discomfort and eliminates the need for extractions or expanders in most cases, promoting oral health and preserving tooth roots. Say goodbye to elastic ties and hello to a more comfortable, efficient, and healthier orthodontic experience with Damon Braces.

Damon Clear™ braces are as reliable and robust as the best metal braces, yet they remain discreet and stain-free throughout your treatment, blending seamlessly with your natural smile in a way that they’re hardly noticeable. 

Choosing Damon Braces in Melbourne

Selecting an orthodontist who specialises in Damon Braces in Melbourne ensures you benefit from a treatment tailored to your lifestyle and needs. Whether you’re seeking adult braces or exploring options for your children, Clear Damon Braces offer a solution that marries convenience with effectiveness. 

Clear Damon Braces: A Solution for Every Smile

For Adults Seeking Confidence and Convenience

It’s never too late for a smile makeover. Damon Clear™ braces offer adults a discreet and efficient way to achieve their ideal smile with adult braces. Embrace this advanced treatment and witness how a new smile can unlock new opportunities.

For Kids Deserving a Bright Start

Clear Damon Braces are not just for adults. Their comfort, efficiency, and discreet design make them perfect kids braces too. Investing in your child’s smile with Damon Braces means giving them a head start to a life of confidence and health.
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What are Damon Clear™ braces?

Damon Clear™ braces are very advanced self-ligating brackets which don’t require coloured rubber rings to lock the straightening wire in each bracket, making for better looking, more precicse, faster, more efficient treatment. These clear braces do not stain like the others do, so are are always much less noticeable.

Damon Clear™ braces are made from tooth-coloured ceramic that blends with the natural colour of your teeth and smile. These ceramic braces are as sturdy and reliable as the very best of metal braces. Damon Clear™ ceramic braces will remain stain-free for the whole of your treatment.

How do Damon Clear™ braces work?

The patented slide mechanism of the Damon System™ allows your archwire to move easily through your brackets, which reduces friction during treatment. This not only makes your teeth move more efficiently, but it also means there is far less pressure on your teeth.

Because Damon Clear™ brackets are self-adjusting, you won’t need to come to our practice for nearly as many adjustment appointments as you would with traditional braces. This means treatment with Damon Clear™ is easy to fit into your schedule.

The Advantages of Damon Clear™ Braces

Patients of all ages enjoy Damon Clear™ braces because they are:

  • Discreet: The ceramic brackets of Damon Clear™ braces ensure your orthodontic treatment is virtually invisible.
  • Efficient: Experience faster treatment times thanks to the innovative sliding mechanism of Damon Braces.
  • Convenient: Fewer visits to the orthodontist mean Damon Clear™ fits seamlessly into your busy life.
  • Hygienic: With no elastic ties to trap food, keeping your teeth clean is easier than ever.
  • Comfortable: Enjoy a more comfortable treatment experience with smoother brackets and reduced friction.


The difference is clear!

Damon Braces, including the clear and ceramic options, offer a path to a perfect smile that’s both quicker and more comfortable. In Melbourne, these braces are changing lives by providing a solution that suits everyone—adults and kids alike.

Begin your path to a radiant smile with Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontics, where Dr. Wexler’s decades of expertise pave the way for exceptional care. From early interventions to accessible options and transparent communication, we tailor each step to your unique journey. Step into a world of orthodontic excellence. If you’re looking for Damon Braces in Melbourne, then book your free consultation with our team today to discover how Damon Clear™ braces could benefit your smile.

Book your free consultation with our team in Melbourne today to find out if Damon Clear™ braces could benefit your smile.
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