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Teeth straightening

Are your teeth less than perfect? There are so many teeth straightening options out there to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. Learn more about the benefits of teeth straightening Melbourne.

Advanced Orthodontic Technology for Teeth Straightening

If you’re dissatisfied with the way your teeth look, teeth straightening is a very routine, safe and standardised orthodontic treatment.

Misaligned teeth have an effect on more than just aesthetics, as they can impact your overall health as well. Whether you choose it for aesthetic reasons or a dentist has advised it on health grounds, teeth straightening is here to help make it all right for you.

Dr Wexler will help you make an informed choice before you choose the best way for you to get a perfect smile. Learn more about your options, such as traditional metal braces, clear or tooth-coloured ceramic braces, clear aligners, retainer plates and more.

Choosing the Right Teeth Straightening Options

With a variety of teeth straightening options available, selecting the right one becomes vital. Each option is designed to cater to specific dental needs, from minor adjustments to comprehensive realignments. Understanding the nuances of each method can be daunting, but expert guidance can simplify the decision-making process.

At Dr. Geoffrey Wexler’s clinic, we make it our priority to provide patients with guidance and expertise, ensuring they select the most suitable teeth straighteners for their unique situation. Our consultations are thorough, and we focus on achieving the desired results while considering factors like treatment duration and aesthetics.
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Benefits of Modern Teeth Straightening Melbourne Techniques

Melbourne residents can now rejoice in the latest and most effective teeth straightening methods. The modern techniques used at our clinic are not only efficient but also focus on patient comfort. With technological advancements, recovery times have been shortened, and side effects reduced. From traditional braces to the latest teeth straighteners, our teeth straightening Melbourne services are designed to provide the best results with minimal discomfort. Furthermore, many of these modern methods are adaptable to both teens and adults, making them versatile solutions for all age groups.

What to Expect with Teeth Straighteners

Teeth straighteners have come a long way from the traditional metal brackets. Today’s options are more discreet, comfortable, and faster in delivering results. With materials like ceramic and clear plastic, patients can undergo treatment without drawing much attention to their dental work. 

When you choose to straighten your teeth at our clinic, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of your dental needs, followed by a customised treatment plan that employs the most suitable teeth straightening options. Beyond the initial setup, consistent follow-ups ensure that the teeth are moving in the desired direction and adjustments are made when necessary.

The Future of Teeth Straightening Technology

As dental technology continues to evolve, so do the methods for straightening teeth. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest in orthodontic advancements means that our patients always receive the best care possible. Whether it’s innovative teeth straighteners or new techniques, we’re at the forefront of offering cutting-edge teeth straightening solutions.

In the quest for a healthier and more radiant smile, teeth straightening plays a crucial role. Dr. Geoffrey Wexler and his team are dedicated to offering the best in orthodontic care. Whether it’s ceramic braces for a discreet option, kids braces tailored for younger patients, or adult braces designed for mature smiles, we employ the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our patients in Melbourne achieve the smile they’ve always desired in the most efficient and comfortable manner possible.
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Straightening teeth for your health

Although you might assume that getting your teeth straightened is just for aesthetics, there are very good medical reasons to do so.


In addition to being a sign of a lovely smile, straight teeth also signify good oral health.

Your chewing habits, dental health, gum health, and even your daily life can all be negatively impacted by having crooked teeth.

Anyone with even slightly misaligned teeth might experience difficulties with maintaining oral hygiene. After all, crooked teeth are more difficult to clean properly. As a result, there is a higher chance that plaque accumulates to the point of tooth decay and cavitation.

With misaligned teeth, the inconsistent enamel wear can lead to greater wear and tear on your teeth, opening the door to tooth decay, cavities and gum disease.


Depending on how severe the misalignment is, crooked teeth can further lead to a number of issues.

One area of misalignment can harm the neighbouring teeth. Other issues include tooth sensitivity, gum recession, jaw ache, difficulty chewing and biting and speech issues.

If you often find yourself with headaches or migraines, this may even be due to your crooked teeth.

Of course, the look of uneven teeth is a significant consideration for many people. If you don’t have a flawless smile, you may feel self-conscious about your teeth and decide to get them straightened. You don’t need a medical reason to want to get the smile you’re proud of.

The best age for teeth straightening

Are you researching teeth straightening on behalf of your child? The teenage years, before the jaw bone and roots of each tooth are fully formed, is actually the ideal time to straighten teeth. This is why it’s crucial to take your child to the dentist and orthodontist Melbourne on a frequent basis.

If Dr Wexler determines that your child needs orthodontic treatment, we will discuss at which point in your child’s growth is best for the development of their smile.

Is it too late to get adult teeth straighteners? Absolutely not. Adult braces are still highly effective, and if you’ve always wanted that perfect smile, we absolutely encourage you to go for it rather than always regretting missing out.

There’s also the consideration that teeth that were once relatively straight may start to affect you later in life. That’s right, our teeth can shift position as we age, and this is generally to become more crooked rather than straighter.

The time-tested way to straighten teeth

There are several ways to straighten your teeth, some of which will work better for you than others. Even a significantly misaligned bite can be corrected.

The typical approach to aligning your teeth is with braces.

We’ve all heard of traditional braces before. Metal braces may have a nasty reputation, but they work, and they’re good at getting the job done. Often, they are also the least expensive way to straighten your teeth.

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Teeth straighteners – FAQs


Can I straighten my teeth at any age?

Yes, while it’s most common for children and teenagers to wear braces or aligners, adults can also straighten their teeth. The process safely moves the teeth into a new position, whether you’re dealing with a single crooked tooth or a more complex dental issue.

How long does it take to straighten teeth?

Treatment time will vary depending on the severity of the dental issues and the type of treatment chosen. Most patients wear braces for 18-24 months, but your dentist or orthodontist will provide a personalised estimate.

How often should I see my dentist or orthodontist during treatment?

Regular visits every 6-8 weeks are essential during treatment to check progress and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures your teeth are moving correctly and keeps your treatment on track.

What happens after my teeth are straightened?

Once your teeth are straightened, you’ll typically need to wear retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions. This is an essential part of maintaining your new smile.

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