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uLab Systems

Treatment planning has never been so simple thanks to uLab Systems. This revolutionary software allows Dr Wexler to accurately design your initial custom aligner stages in 10 minutes! If urgent, we’ll deliver your first clear aligner the day we first meet! Remarkable. Compare this with six to eight weeks waiting with other main suppliers!

What is uLab Systems?

uLab Systems is a cutting-edge treatment planning software that gives Dr Wexler the ultimate control over your treatment.

The great thing about uLab Systems is that it allows Dr Wexler to create hybrid treatment plans. If you want to start treatment with braces and finish with aligners, or have aligners on the top arch and braces on the bottom, that’s possible with uLab Systems.

How does uLab Systems work?

During your free consultation at our practice, we will use our 3D scanner to create digital scans of your smile. We can import those scans into the uLab Systems to help us rapidly develop your treatment plan based on your exact smile needs.

uLab Systems works on a pay-per-aligner basis. That means if you only have minor misalignments, or a relapse from previous treatment, we can make a shorter-than-usual treatment plan just for you!

Benefits of uLab Systems

Our patients love our use of uLab Systems because it makes treatment:

  • Fast: Dr Wexler can design your treatment plan in just 10 minutes! Same-Day Aligner making!
  • Accurate: The precise computer planning takes all the guesswork out of your treatment.
  • Flexible: uLab Systems allows us to mix and match treatment with braces and aligners.
  • Affordable: Because we can plan treatment on an aligner-by-aligner basis, you’ll only pay for the exact prescription your smile needs.

Experience the system in action

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