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Braces Melbourne

Dr Wexler has the broadest range of orthodontic options and is very easily accessed by all of Melbourne. Whatever your combination of requirements, lifestyle and budget, we’ve got a range of orthodontic treatment options that will suit you. Book today for a free consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

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We are passionate about straightening your teeth and smile with the very best outcomes, and we’re passionate you should enjoy your treatment experience with us, every step of the way.

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Choosing the Right Braces in Melbourne

Making the decision to align your smile with orthodontic treatment is the first step towards achieving straighter teeth. At our Melbourne braces clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatments, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, and the increasingly popular invisible braces.

Traditional braces, often known as metal braces, have been the cornerstone of orthodontic treatment for many years. This trusted method uses small metal brackets fixed to the teeth, connected by thin wires and elastic or metal ties to gently align your teeth over the treatment period.

For those preferring a less noticeable treatment option, ceramic braces are a fantastic choice. These braces, which match the wearer’s natural tooth colour, are just as effective as traditional braces for achieving proper tooth alignment. Remember, only your orthodontist dentist or another appropriately qualified health practitioner can provide a proper treatment plan that fits your specific needs.
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Embrace Invisible Braces in Melbourne

Invisible braces Melbourne residents have been opting for offer a virtually undetectable way to achieve a perfectly aligned smile. As a popular alternative to traditional fixed braces, invisible braces allow you to straighten your teeth discreetly. This clear aligner treatment offers a convenient and flexible method to progressively align your teeth delivering exceptional results without the need for metal brackets.

It’s important to have a detailed consultation with a specialist orthodontist or orthodontic dentist to understand your exact teeth movements needed and create a tailored treatment plan, thus ensuring the best possible results for your unique smile.

Braces Cost Melbourne: Investing in Your Smile

Considering the braces cost in Melbourne offers, it’s crucial to view it as an investment in your dental health and confidence. The cost of braces varies depending on the type and duration of treatment. From metal braces, and ceramic braces, to invisible braces, and even lingual braces placed behind the teeth, the cost will vary depending on the complexity of your case.

That said, we aim to provide affordable and evidence-based orthodontics to all our patients. We also offer interest-free payment plans to ensure everyone has access to quality orthodontic treatment.

Keep Your Teeth in Check with Good Oral Hygiene

Regardless of the type of braces you choose, maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial throughout the treatment period. Proper brushing and flossing will prevent potential gum disease and tooth decay. Also, regular check-ups and fewer adjustments with your dental professional will ensure your teeth stay healthy during your braces experience in Melbourne.

Why Choose Us for Your Braces Treatment in Melbourne?

Our registered specialist orthodontists offer a thorough clinical exam and provide a comprehensive range of orthodontic treatment options. Whether you are dealing with crowded teeth, buck teeth, or teeth stick out, we are here to help create the perfect treatment plan for you.

Book a free initial consultation at our Melbourne braces clinic today. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a straighter, healthier, and happier smile.
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Experience proven, Hi-Tech Orthodontics!

Worried about having a mouthful of metal? Don’t be. The days when wearing braces seemed like a social death sentence are long gone.

Braces have improved so much with digital methods, Yes, for all types of braces! You’ll experience way less social pressure, way less discomfort, shorter treatment.They certainly can be invisible and hidden while working even better than any “traditional” braces!

Your choices incllude tiny silvery metal braces that blend in on white teeth or ceramic braces, which are clear or the same colour as your teeth and totally hidden behind the teeth braces, or clear plastic aligners, like Invisalign.

Many orthodontic innovations mean a lot less time spent with your orthodontist Melbourne. Fewer appointments at the clinic mean a lower cost for your overall for your treatment and a lot less time off school or work.

Today, braces offer excellent benefits for people in a much more comfortable, discreet and effective approach for teeth straightening.

Are braces in Melbourne right for me?

Dental braces can straighten a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. With just a temporary, intense period of realignment with orthodontic treatment, you can have a stunningly beautiful smile for the rest of your life.

How do braces work? Fitted by specialist orthodontists, each tooth is under constant pressure from the braces, which, over time, shift the tooth into the correct alignment and position in your mouth. At each subsequent appointment with Dr Wexler, the braces will be tightened to maintain the pressure on your teeth as they slowly shift into the ideal position.

Time to get the smile you’ve always wanted

Not so many of us are born with naturally straight teeth.

For most people, it’s normal to have uneven teeth, crowded teeth or unsightly gaps between teeth, an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or even a jaw that isn’t sitting in the right place where it should be.

Are you thinking about getting braces purely for aesthetic reasons? Much of our child and adult patients’ reasons for getting an orthodontic treatment lie in their appearance. However, healthy teeth go so much more than skin-deep.

As you will learn from your orthodontic consultation, braces can not only straighten your teeth but also enhance your dental and overall health, such as preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Whether you need an orthodontic treatment plan for medical purposes or you just want a flawless smile, if any of these issues apply to you, don’t wait. Dental treatment can be the right choice for you, for any reason and at any age. Talk with your specialist orthodontists for a personalised treatment plan.

The three main types of braces in Melbourne

For evidence-based orthodontics, the three main types you’ll be looking at are metal, ceramic and lingual braces. These are all made of the same system of brackets and wires, but they differ in which material they are made of – which has a big impact on your experience of wearing them during the treatment.

Dr Wexler fits both kids’ braces and adult braces.


Traditional metal braces are just that, braces with brackets and wires made of metal and held together with special elastic bands.

The days of chunky metal mouth are long gone, and today, metal braces are far smaller and more discrete than they were in the past.

Compared to the other orthodontics treatment plans, traditional braces are the least expensive option. They’re cost-efficient as well as effective at getting the job done.

Instead of being shy and trying to hide away the fact that you’re wearing braces, there is also the option to customise them by choosing coloured elastic bands. After all, why not stand out from the crowd?


Ceramic braces come in the same size and shape as metal braces, and they are actually functionally the same in terms of how they work.

However, the advantage of ceramic braces is that they can be the same colour as your teeth. So instead of having metal brackets that stand out starkly in your mouth, ceramic brackets are tooth-coloured or transparent. Some brands even offer the option of tooth-coloured wires for even more finesse.

If you are after the quick results of traditional braces without having to suffer them being so noticeable, ceramic braces are a fantastic solution.

However, keep in mind that ceramic braces will only stay discreet if they are properly cared for. Without good oral hygiene, the ceramic of the braces can discolour quickly.


How lingual braces are different to metal braces is that they’re applied to the inner side of the teeth rather than the outer.

This makes them virtually undetectable from the outside. How can anyone see a brace that’s installed on the inside of your mouth? It’s only by yawning that the braces could even momentarily be visible. If you want a virtually invisible option, this is the way to go.

Finally, in comparison to the traditional fixed braces, more time may be needed for the treatment. While ceramic is stronger than the metal used in conventional braces, a little more time is needed for it to perform the same.

Investing in a smile to keep for a lifetime


How much do braces cost? As any appropriately qualified health practitioner will tell you, it all depends on your unique situation.

The price of braces Melbourne will change according to what type of evidence-based orthodontics you need, how many months are needed, how many visits to the clinic you need to make, and other similar considerations.


For example, with a type of braces called ceramic braces, a typical treatment may take 18 months and cost a total of between $4,000 and $9,800.


What about clear aligners? These include brands such as Spark Aligners, Ulabs Systems, SureSmile and Invisalign Melbourne. They realign your teeth in a similar way, but they don’t use a system of brackets and wires the way that braces do.

The cost of Braces and Clear Dental Aligners are similar for similar treatment needs, and it depends on the type of clear aligners you get and the misalignment issue you’re treating. A clear aligner treatment typically costs between $2,000 and $9,800. After the first payment, we can make your weekly budget as low as $55 per week, making it affordable for almost everybody.

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Braces in Melbourne – FAQs


What types of braces are available at your Melbourne clinic?

At our Braces Melbourne clinic, we offer an extensive array of orthodontic treatments. Our selection includes traditional metal braces, the more discreet ceramic braces, practically invisible braces, lingual braces that sit behind the teeth, and self-ligating braces that require fewer adjustments.

How much do braces cost in Melbourne?

Braces cost in Melbourne can fluctuate depending on the specific type and the complexity of the treatment plan. Our clinic offers interest-free payment plans, ensuring our patients can access necessary orthodontic treatments more conveniently.

Can I opt for invisible braces treatment in Melbourne?

Absolutely, invisible braces have been gaining popularity due to their nearly unnoticeable appearance. You’ll need to consult with our appropriately qualified health practitioner or orthodontist dentist to establish if invisible braces are suitable for your particular orthodontic requirements.

What’s involved in the treatment process for braces?

The exact treatment course for braces starts with an initial consultation to discuss your teeth straightening goals and to take teeth impressions. Our registered specialist orthodontists will then develop a personalised treatment plan for you. This typically involves regularly wearing braces, attending check-ups for adjustments, and maintaining good oral hygiene for a successful treatment outcome.

How do I schedule an initial consultation for braces in Melbourne?

To book a free initial consultation for braces in Melbourne, visit our website or contact our clinic directly. During this appointment, we will discuss your treatment options, and the cost of braces, and answer any other questions you may have about the orthodontic process.

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