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Ceramic Braces Vs Invisible Braces

If you are just looking into teeth straightening options and the benefit of orthodontic treatment, you may have pondered ceramic braces vs invisible braces. To understand which option might suit you best, you first need to understand the different types of ceramic braces and invisible braces, as there are a number of similar treatments available.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made from specialised clear materials that blend into the natural colour of teeth. Compared with stainless steel – that is such a stark contrast – these materials are virtually invisible.

However, ceramic braces are more difficult to manufacture and use, so there is usually a small additional cost. At Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist we offer Damon Clear®, the only *all-ceramic* orthodontic braces, with no metal clip on view. They are truly the most attractive braces, made by only one company.

For late teens, we can offer a hybrid: Empower Clear®. This option is uses mostly ceramics, in order to contrast less contrast with the teeth. However a small Rhodium plated silver clip is visible. This generally appeals to the teenager, who will likely have many friends using the traditional metal braces. Empower Clear® is a very popular choice in 14-16 year-olds.

Painted White Wires

We don’t use painted white wires. It often provides disappointing results as the paint lasts only a week, chipping off and looking worse than normal wire. Wires that can hold paint, even for a short time, are vastly inferior in performance compared to the super-elastic wires we routinely use.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are unobtrusive in their design helping you to smile with confidence, while also being attached to the teeth for the duration of treatment, as there are no retainers to misplace or misuse.

Invisible Braces

If even the reduced visibility of clear braces is not acceptable, then either Invisalign™ or completely invisible braces behind the teeth will be your next discrete options.

Invisalign™ uses a series of clear aligner trays that gently move teeth into place over the treatment period. This option can prove advantageous as the aligners can be taken out to eat, drink and clean teeth. They do still need to be worn for at least 22 hours per day. However, the temptation to remove the aligners for longer than 2 hours per day can negatively affect treatment progress.

Inside braces – or Lingual braces – can be an option for those who want complete invisibility, without using clear retainers. Inside braces attach to the back of the teeth with each visit to the orthodontist adjusting the movements. This option however can be more costly than both ceramic braces and Invisalign.

Ceramic Braces vs Invisible Braces – Which Method is Best for You?

Ceramic braces, invisible braces behind the teeth and clear aligner systems, are all highly effective forms of orthodontic treatment that can correct your teeth and guide future growth. The main differences in the three treatments are the price and their visibility, which will certainly inform the decision on ceramic braces vs invisible braces.

For more information about the best orthodontic treatment option or Braces in Melbourne , contact Dr Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontics to request an appointment. Operating in Toorak and Frankston, our team of orthodontic experts are ready to assist you.

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