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Preparing Your Child For Braces

Braces are a common sight in the mouths of children. There are even those kids that look forward to wearing braces, kind of like a rite of passage. However, there are some kids who aren’t as sure about their orthodontic treatment. So in this case, you should start preparing your child for braces and help them to feel at ease with the treatment.

1. Talk About Treatment Options

Metal braces are often the best option for children and teenagers. They’re cost-effective and reliable and you can customise them with different colours.

Talk openly to your child about why they need braces and the end goal. Do a little research together, and encourage them to ask questions about their treatment plan.

2. Talk About Expectations

It’s normal for children to feel nervous about getting braces. It’s sure to be the longest amount of time they’ve ever spent in a dental chair, too.

Ease their nerves by discussing the procedure and how straightforward it is. Your child might be worried that their braces will be painful. Assure them that while there is a little discomfort at first, it only lasts a few days.

3. Get the Soft Foods Ready

Your child may experience mild discomfort for a few days after getting braces. Soft foods like ice cream, mashed potato, rice and pasta as well as liquid meals can help keep their energy high without putting additional pressure on their new braces.

4. Focus on the Benefits

A year or two isn’t a long time for an adult, but to a child, it can feel like forever. Gently remind your child that wearing braces is temporary with the goal of a permanently straighter and healthier smile.

It’s important for your child to know it will all be worthwhile in the long run.

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