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Invisible Braces For Teenagers – The Preferred Option

There is no stage in life where people are more self-conscious than during their teen years. That’s why it’s important to consider invisible braces for teenagers when exploring orthodontic treatments. If your teen has reached the best age for braces, consider the benefits of invisible braces as an alternative to stainless steel braces. These modern dental appliances could help your teen to be happy and healthy for years to come.

Reduction in Visibility

As the name suggests, all the invisible braces options for teens are not noticeable. However, this is unless the patient deliberately displays them. This key feature allows the wearer to go about their daily routine with an increased level of confidence, knowing that people don’t notice their braces in social situations.

Invisible Braces Increase in Comfort

Today’s invisible braces for teenagers aren’t just more discrete, they’re also more comfortable. Almost all patients will need a week or two to get used to the treatment. After adjusting to the brackets on teeth, or the new set of clear aligners, it is rare to hear any form of complaint or impatience about treatment progress.

Faster Treatment Time

The average treatment time for the traditional metal and bracket braces system is between 24-28 months. Hence, this can be a significant portion of our teenage lives. However, the systems we use have been shown – in comparison to the traditional methods – to be on average between 30% and 40% faster. This includes lingual braces that are hidden behind the teeth.

Invisible Braces for Teenagers – Speak to an Orthodontist

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