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Dr. Geoffrey Wexler – Toorak’s Preferred Orthodontist

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler has more than 30 years of specialist orthodontic experience. With an MDSc in Children’s Dentistry from the University of Melbourne and a fellowship in RACDS, Dr Wexler is committed to the best orthodontic outcomes.

Dr. Wexler’s enthusiasm and energy are notable in everything he does. He is straight forward and dedicated, and keen to help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Toorak’s Favourite Specialist

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler and his team are dedicated to caring for each and every patient. That’s why Dr Wexler keeps up to date with all the latest orthodontic technology and runs a digital practice on the Gold Coast. With the help of digital orthodontics, Dr Wexler and his team are able to deliver top-quality results, faster.

Dr. Geoffrey Wexler Offers a Wide Range of Treatments

Dr. Wexler specialises in healthy, happy smiles. Whether you’re a child, teen or adult, his goal is always to avoid jaw surgery and extraction while helping you achieve your divine smile. Dr Wexler particularly favours Invisalign and hidden braces for their fast results and the ability to highly customise treatment for each patient’s case.

Every treatment outcome is 3D modelled for each patient. This precision helps to reduce treatment time and risk while increases your range of treatment choices.

Experienced and Reliable

Dr. Wexler is passionate about powerful, fast treatments that boost your confidence and help you achieve the best possible smile and oral health. He has over 22 years of experience with hidden lingual braces and 20 years of experience with Invisalign therapy.

As a highly experienced orthodontic specialist, Dr Wexler aims to avoid extractions by encouraging children to come in for early assessments from the age of 7. He helps patients choose the simplest and most cost-effective treatments, too. This is done by offering a range of orthodontic treatment options and flexible payment plans.


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