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Is My Dental Practitioner A ‘Specialist Orthodontist’?

What is a Specialist Orthodontist?

Similar to all aspects of medicine, our Australian Health Regulation Authority (AHPRA) recognises and registers expert dental specialists as “orthodontists”. This is by virtue of their significant additional training by formal university higher degree examinations, followed by their career dedication to specialised techniques and knowledge. In recent years, there are also specialised dental technologies to improve treatments, seen only in specialised practices. Put simply, orthodontic specialists are highly trained professionals in the field of dentistry. Orthodontists draw on their dental training, combined with further specialist study to focus on dental and facial irregularities – including prevention, diagnosis and treatment. An orthodontist will align jaws, bites and teeth to aid in oral health as well as smile aesthetics.

Why See a Specialist Orthodontist?

Seeing a specialist orthodontist means less risk of a bad health outcome. Unfortunately dentists may over-estimate their ability in what is in fact a highly skilled activity in realigning teeth. You would not imagine asking your medical GP to perform cardiac bypass surgery!

Specialist orthodontists will deliver fast, effective teeth straightening, using professional and skilled techniques. Specialists possess expert knowledge across all aspects of orthodontics, including children’s orthodontics; the specialist orthodontist will be able to ensure your child has the best teeth for life.

What is Involved in Orthodontic Treatment?

A specialised orthodontist is best equipped to advise on the most suitable teeth straightening system for your needs, and then how to apply it.

Orthodontics is all about where the teeth are located in the 3 dimensions of space. So, it makes perfect sense that using of 3-dimensional x-ray imagery and specialised viewing software will help the diagnosis and planning of all orthodontic treatment. This is an area where specialised knowledge and training, as well as a considerable investment in specialised software and equipment will be found in the hands of trained orthodontic specialists who know best how to use it.

Moving Teeth Sometimes Involves Extractions

A specialist orthodontist is only too familiar with the importance of facial and smile aesthetics. Knowing how to influence the growth and development of smile symmetry and good alignment is what they’ve studied for. In many ways, orthodontists are arguably the most expert at “cosmetic dentistry”.

Extracting teeth is irreversible. Sometimes extractions are appropriate and the best action. With modern technology changing the dental landscape dramatically, you will need a true expert to be sure about this decision. A specialised orthodontist will advise which of the many teeth (children and adult) are the right choices to remove.

Incorrect extractions permanently and detrimentally impact on the one’s smile appearance – in a big way. A specialist orthodontist will ensure that this mistake is not made.

Why Risk a Non-Specialist Practitioner making an Extraction Decision for you or your Child?

Or indeed why have a non-expert make any other orthodontic decision, even one that seems innocuous. Like, whether or not a consultation is in order at this particular time? Because, only with specialised advise you can be certain you or your child will benefit from orthodontic treatment or not.

It is easy to see if your practitioner is a specialist. By law, only specialists are permitted to use the reserved specialist title “Orthodontist”. For a non-specialist to assume this title breaches regulation. To check if your dental practitioner is a registered specialist, click here.

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