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How To Prepare Your Child For A Trip To The Orthodontist

Your little one’s first trip to the orthodontist can cause all sorts of anxiety and fear. The good news is that there is plenty you can do to prepare your child for his or her first visit.

Discuss the Orthodontist

Talk to your child about orthodontic treatment. Ask them what they want, like coloured braces or straight, healthy teeth. Encourage your kids to ask questions, too. You want them to know that if they’re unsure about anything that they can ask you and their orthodontist questions.

If you suspect your little one will need braces at some point, talk about it openly. It’s important that they know why they’ll need braces and the different kinds of orthodontics available.

Let Your Child Know They’re Not Alone

Most children have a sibling, cousin, friend or someone they know that’s been to the specialist. Make sure your kids understand that it’s a common thing for their age to help them achieve a healthy, happy smile.

Let Them Know What to Expect

The first orthodontic appointment usually involves a discussion about treatment options, an oral examination and x-rays. The x-rays help the orthodontist to see what’s happening underneath your child’s gums, how the joints and bones are growing and where any teeth may be under the gum line.

If the orthodontist feels it’s time, and if you and your little one is ready, treatment can sometimes start the very same day.

Meet Your Oral Healthcare Professional

Explain to your child that an orthodontist and dentist are similar, but that the orthodontist has undergone longer training. They specialise in diagnosing, preventing and treating a wide range of dental problems to help your little one achieves a healthy appearance and oral development.

In other words, teach your children that these experts can help straighten their teeth and create a beautiful smile.

The whole idea is to be open and honest to help alleviate any worries.

The team at Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontist are gentle and experienced when it comes to working with children. Book your appointment today.

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