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What Colour Braces Should I Get?

Getting coloured bands on your braces is a good way to both have fun and express yourself while you are working towards a straighter, more natural smile. There is a wide variety of colours available to choose from, making it easier to either choose from your favourites or achieve a specific goal, like a whiter-looking smile. If you’re wondering what colour braces you should get, here are some general tips to keep in mind:

1. Have Fun with It!

On average, most individuals will need to wear their braces anywhere from 18 to 24 months. That’s an average of two years with metal brackets and wires on your smile. If you want to brighten it up, it’s a great idea to add a pop of colour. You can have fun with your favorite colours or add some holiday spirit by choosing holiday-inspired bands. For example, if you want to be festive around Halloween then ask for orange bands, or red and green for Christmas.

2. Make Your Smile Aesthetically Appealing

While it may seem impossible for your smile to look aesthetically appealing while you have metal appliances on your teeth, you can still make your smile look whiter or complement your complexion to up your confidence while you wear them. Lighter skin tones should look for subdued reds, pinks or blues, and dark skin tones should consider blue or violet. Though they won’t actually whiten your smile, you can make it appear that way by choosing darker coloured bands as well.

3. Be Careful with Black Bands

While darker colours can make your teeth look whiter, black bands are too dark. Black bands on your braces can actually make it look like you have tooth decay or food stuck in your teeth, so they may not be the best colour if you want your smile to be pleasing to the eye. These effects only get worse over time as the bands age and fade, but even if your do choose black, you can always change to another colour at your next adjustment.

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