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Fast Braces??

What makes Braces Fast, but *Gaining* Quality?

  • Expert Diagnosis by a Specialist Orthodontist with Lots of Experience
  • Expert Treatment Plans, using 3-D models
  • Precision Wire Engineering using precision-made, robot-built Super-Elastic Titanium Wires

What are “Fast Braces”

  • Marketing Hype
  • Almost always promoted by non-specialist general dentists who are not qualified as specialist orthodontists (they don’t tell you that!)
  • Un-substantiated claims by proponents of braces makers, who strongly promote proprietary products without adequate evidence.

What do 100 years of Independent Research Show about “Fast Braces”?

    • Claims by makers of fast braces models have been all disproven
    • Extensive Surgery with fine knives (invasive and risky) around each individual tooth can mildly accelerate tooth movement. OMG. We don’t do it
    • Vibration and light therapy claims have all been disproven as speed enhancers

SureSmile® is not a brace.

  • SureSmile® with any type of stock manufactured bracket produces better quality treatment outcomes, on average, in one third less time. References are on my Treatment technology page
  • Reduced treatment times are delivered by SureSmile®, not by speed of tooth movement, but due to accurate, “straight-line” tooth-movement, which is hitting the target directly, without deviating off target many times, on the way, which unfortunately is what happens with hand-made “tradidional” braces


  • SureSmile is a very accurate treatment planning coupled with with super-precise, super-elastic robot-machine-made wires. SureSmile® is compatible with nearly every type of brace we can buy from a repetition engineering maker.
  • Multiple, independent studies show dramatically & consistently faster treatments, without any dissenting studies. References are on my Treatment technology page
  • My own practice figures show my own treatments are 25% to 40% faster than with conventional braces. We have not started any conventional cases for 15 years. However, we do take over transfer cases who may have conventional braces.  This keep reminding us of the differences
  • The most speed and quality improvement occurred when our Lingual, “Hidden-Behind-The-Teeth”, internal braces changed, to use SureSmile

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