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Cosmetic Veneers Vs Orthodontic Alignment

When it comes to tooth alignment, a permanent solution is always the best option. This not only ensures that you can look your best for your lifetime, but that your teeth are healthy and free of pain or discomfort.

Continue reading to explore cosmetic veneers vs orthodontic alignment as methods in straightening teeth. One treatment will be sure to suit your needs over the other. However, a specialist orthodontist will be the most experienced person to advise you on an appropriate treatment plan.

Cosmetic Veneers

Unlike orthodontic alignment methods, veneers don’t physically realign your teeth. Instead, veneers are caps placed directly over the fronts of your teeth to provide the “appearance” of alignment. However, the teeth below the new facades will remain unmoved.

Veneers are thin shells made from durable porcelain or composite resins. They are specially crafted just for you – being formed to fit snugly over selected teeth. Often extremely well colour matched by skilled dental ceramic technicians, ceramics are an ideal option for patients with damaged teeth. Despite being very thin, teeth usually still need to be cut by your dentist to make space to fit veneers in.

So, veneered front surfaces give the appearance of alignment, through hiding the mis-alignment and damage – such as stains and uneven surfaces – remaining underneath.

Patients with veneered teeth are always very pleased – initially. However, if they have sought veeners to fix misalignment, rather than teeth that are stained or damaged, dissappointment can set in.

Eventually people in this circumstance will return to find an orthodontist in order to have their teeth aligned properly. In this instance the veneers are removed permanently, or can be re-done after the orthodontic treatment is complete. On straight teeth, veneers will have much better results in terms of shape, size, proportion, colour, translucency and gum line.

Orthodontic Alignment

Teeth that ‘look right’ are always of a good size, have appropriate visual proportions and gum lines relative to their surrounding teeth – as well as being well aligned. Even imperfectly aligned teeth look desirable in a smile – when sizes, proportions and gum lines are correctly displayed. Good orthodontic features are always requisite foundations for good-looking teeth.

Good foundations are not created by camouflaging poor dental arrangements by applying cosmetic veneers on top. Only correct orthodontic treatments will have the effect of realigning teeth. Orthodontic treatment sets up and aligns teeth in their proper positions, inside the frame of the smile window of the lips. Which is what gives us that radiant, healthy, functional dental appearance. Correct bite alignment and tooth positioning also create correct lip support. Yet another aspect of orthodontics that so many people seek. Good orthodontic bite alignment also eliminates undue wear and tear which can occur as a result of aging.

Advanced orthodontic engineering technology including Invisalign, hidden, concealed and lingual braces, are options which can provide comfortable and almost invisible braces. And the orthodontic outcomes can be delivered in just a few months.

Which Option is Right for You?

Depending on you your specific needs, veneers or orthodontic treatment – or both – could be appropriate.

Veneers and orthodontics are often used together with fantastic outcomes.

To learn more about the best course of orthodontic alignment including Invisalign treatment and invisible braces, contact us at Dr Geoffry Wexler Orthodontics. As an expert in a wide range of orthodontic treatments, Dr Wexler can provide a permanent and effective solution for you.

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