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Cost of treatments

Each client’s need is unique. There will be choices and options with pros and cons for you to consider. We will tailor your treatment to fit your particular smile goals. Your investment will only be known after we discuss this with you. During consultation we explain all costs and options and we make them affordable for you.

What affects the cost of treatments?

Variables affecting cost are the complexity of your case, amount of correction required and the invisibility of the brace technology that you choose.

Visible (clear or metal) braces and Invisalign® aligners come with a lower treatment cost, while hidden braces will be more expensive but provide a very discreet treatment experience and some really wonderful advantages.

Payment plans

Affordablility is our aim, giving you time to pay. We can even stretch your payment plan over a period of 30 months – long after your treatment has been completed. With our flexible finance options, you can achieve your straight smile from just $61 per week.

X-ray costs

We’ll refer you to the most advanced x-ray services possible, fully (or nearly fully) covered by Medicare, so that you can save as much money off your total treatment bill as possible.

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