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Our experience sets us apart

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Wexler and the team at Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontics are committed to providing you with the most advanced solutions and the best treatment experience possible.

Dr. Wexler uses his experience to provide top quality solutions for both simple and complex orthodontic problems. He also uses state of the art technologies that allow him offer the most diverse and effective treatment options available. His focus is to: “Please the Patient”, “Provide the Best Lifelong Quality”, and “Treat in the Least Possible Time”.

What makes us different

  • Exceptional experience – With 30+ years of orthodontic experience and passionate immersive education in the profession, and with 25+ years of lingual experience and 20+ years of experience with Invisalign® treatments, you can feel confident with the care you’ll receive here. Dr. Wexler has double specialist degrees in Orthodontics and in Children’s Dentistry, followed by a long period of practising with high-level expertise treating difficult problems in both children and adults.
  • Digital Design – Dr Wexler’s experience is now enhanced and for the past 10 years has been delivered using advanced digital designs and custom manufacturing. Our orthodontic treatments with braces and aligners, or combinations of both, are digitally made and controlled. We can simply do things that others can’t.
  • Digital Manufacturing increases reliability, safety and speed of all our treatment plans. Our plans are tailored specifically to each patient’s need, making treatment faster, more precise and more efficient. We plan your case in 3D, twice, before we even begin. Our extensive digital process is your best insurance that your result is what you want and arrives swiftly.
  • Customised care – Everything we do is tailored specifically to every person. We create your entire treatment programme in advance to ensure your results are accurate and as swift as possible. This is our approach to every aspect of your care.
  • Early treatment – We see children as young as 7 years old. This is the perfect age to visit an orthodontist to get ahead of orthodontic issues before they arise and help to avoid tooth extractions. Many tooth extractions that some patients must undergo could have been avoided through early assessment at a young age.
  • Affordable prices – We make orthodontic treatments affordable and available to everyone. We do this by offering very low starting costs and flexible long-term payment plans.
  • Reliable results – We believe our patients deserve the best!
    We will communicate carefully with you about all expectations of every treatment plan and never rush you into decisions. We want our patients to feel comfortable and informed every step of the way through treatment.
  • Friendly staff – You’ll find it a pleasure to be in the company of our wonderful staff here at Geoffrey Wexler Orthodontics. We take great pride in providing a loving and attentive experience to all those who choose to trust us with their care.
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