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What You Can Expect From ICat Imaging

Today, patients are better informed than ever. This means you can take a more active role in your health care, and thanks to first-class technology like iCat Imaging, you get a better understanding of your orthodontic treatment options.

Benefits of iCat Imaging

The iCat is a 3D system that offers flexibility in scanning and planning your treatment. It gives off extremely low doses of radiation, much lower and far safer than any other machine in the orthodontic industry.

In under 5 seconds, the iCAT system captures important information to understand what the best and least invasive treatment option is for you.

It gives us 3D views of each tooth, your roots, airways, sinuses and TMJ. There’s no magnification and no distortion. Best of all, the entire scan is so quick that you feel safe and relaxed.

Once images are taken, we can quickly and effortlessly compile them into a virtual model. This helps us create the most effective treatment plan for your smile.

Thanks to 3D imaging with iCat imaging, we can now completely personalise your treatment plan to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile in the least amount of time.

Innovative iCAT Features

Our patients love the complete orthodontic treatment they receive with iCat imaging. Some of the amazing features of the 3D technology include:

  • Safer diagnosis and less radiation compared to traditional CT scans
  • An ultra-quick scan that provides us with enough data to compile a diagnosis
  • We can easily share the information with you, so you can make informed decisions about your treatment
  • Increased comfort for patients

The Way Forward with Imaging Technology

Conventional orthodontic x-rays have a whole range of distortion and magnification errors. With the latest 3D imaging, we can take completely accurate images of your orthodontic situation with far less exposure to radiation.

Compared to other medical scanners on the market, the iCAT imaging system provides up to 95 percent less radiation and is 10 times more accurate.

It’s ideal for:

  • TMJ evaluations
  • Airway assessments
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Implant placement assessment
  • The precise location of extra or impacted teeth
  • Treatment planning for orthodontic surgery

Best of all, the scan is quick and painless. You get to sit in a non-invasive environment, comfortably, while our expert team uses iCAT imaging to capture multi-dimensional images in seconds.

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