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The Cost Of Invisalign Compared To Other Braces Options

About Invisalign™

Known for its unobtrusive design and transparent appearance, Invisalign™ can be the ideal solution for those seeking effective and discrete orthodontic treatments. Over the past 18 years, Invisalign treatment has increased in popularity as a modern teeth straightening solution.

How Invisalign™ Sequential Aligners are Made

The Invisalign treatment involves a sequential set of clear aligner trays, with each set moving the teeth closer to their desired position. An orthodontist will use 3D modeling of a patient’s dental mis-alignment to inform the series of trays. The trays will place pressure on the teeth and subtly move them into place. A patient will wear each set of trays for the duration of approximately 2 weeks, 23 hours per day, before moving on to the next set.

This becomes an effective and personalised solution to discretely move teeth using only clear plastic aligners.

Invisalign treatment generally lasts for 12 months, which is far more efficient than some other teeth straightening solutions. Coupled with a near invisible appearance, this makes Invisalign a perfect option for adults looking for orthodontic treatment.

The Cost of Invisalign™

Different orthodontists will provide you with different prices to reach your desired orthodontic outcome.

Our prices for sequential clear aligners are very similar to those of our traditional braces, and costs start from as little as $400. However, the cost of all orthodontic treatments – including Invisalign – will be dependent on the severity of a patient’s case. Fortunately, Dr Geoffrey Wexler offers more than just one sequential aligner system, which provides patients with flexibility in treatment cost and duration. For example, Clear Correct may be a recommended treatment for patients with a longer treatment time, whilst SureAlign® could be an appropriate option for those requiring minor teeth alignment.

However, the cost of Invisalign shouldn’t dissuade you. Our flexible payment options will ensure your teeth straightening solution suits your financial needs. Our staff are more than happy to discuss costs and payment plans with you.

Will My Health Insurance Company Cover Invisalign™ Treatment?

Health insurance providers may contribute to the cost of Invisalign treatment. However, you’ll need to check your policy and the extent of coverage. If you don’t already have health insurance coverage, we recommend care be taken when evaluating the costs vs. benefits. Specifically items set out in ‘extras benefits’. We are happy to provide advice on this.

Discuss Your Treatment Options Today

For more information about our the cost of Invisalign and the benefits of the treatment, contact us for an assessment. Dr Geoffrey Wexler is an expert orthodontist in Melbourne, and he can suggest the best treatment option for your needs.

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