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Everything You Need To Know About Lingual Braces

Hidden Braces, known as Lingual Braces are placed on the back, on the inside of your teeth. These Hidden Lingual Inside Braces are as powerful as normal front braces, but much more invisible than clear aligners with attachments. So, you can laugh, smile, talk and eat with them in, (you don’t remove them for food). You sing, dance and do your normal occupation to enjoy a fully social and professional life. Your teeth secretly straighten. Nobody knows except for your orthodontist, unless you decide to share your secret with your closest friends!

How Lingual Braces Correct Your Smile

Our Lingual Hidden braces are super-high tech. For 15 years we’ve used tiny, highly engineered, precision metal brackets, coupled with robotically custom made, super-elastic, super-gentle, 3-dimensionally-active titanium wires. The result is extremely short treatments and unsurpassed precision.
Your teeth align via continuous super-gentle pressures from robotically built wires, according to Dr Wexler’s prescription that is generated by 35 years of experience of doing this.

Special Benefits of Hidden Braces

Hidden lingual braces are fast, efficient and fix things that aligners cannot, like deep overbites. Hidden lingual braces remove all social pressures of adults getting their teeth straightened. It’s that simple. You don’t feel self-conscious, your treatment is not on display, you don’t need to answer questions from friends. You don’t remove them to eat or to clean. There is no “wearing” gooey removable plastic. After 2 weeks of getting used to them, there are no special issues.

Do Lingual Braces Cost More?

Hidden lingual take more materials and more clinic time than normal braces and clear aligners. So they cost a little more, but do not require more months in treatment. We make the cost affordable to everyone.
For people who understand the value and benefit of lingual braces hidden behind the teeth, the cost is highly acceptable and people rarely hesitate to go ahead.

Get Your Dream Smile

The best news of all is that almost everybody is a candidate for lingual braces! More than half our adult patients have them.

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