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Why Is Orthodontic Treatment So Important?

A smile is something you should look forward to showing off. But, may people struggle with the way that their teeth look. There can be a myriad of reasons for this. Whether you have issues with your bite, TMJ pain or your permanent teeth have come through awkwardly and overlap, these things can leave you feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable. So why is orthodontic treatment so important? Orthodontic treatment can help correct your issues and get you on the path to a healthy, straight and beautiful smile.

Here’s a look at what orthodontic treatment can assist with.

Less Chance of Gum Disease

Besides trapping tartar, misaligned teeth can create small gaps between the teeth and gum tissues which will allow tartar to continue building up under the gum line. This can eventually result in gum disease and loss of teeth. Orthodontic treatment can help close the tiny gaps and reduce the risk of gum disease.

Decrease Risks of Cavities and Tooth Decay

Misaligned bites and crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean. Even regular flossing and brushing can leave tartar behind, resulting in cavities and decay. Orthodontic treatment can reduce these risks and help make cleaning easier by removing any crowded areas where tartar could build up.

Prevent Jaw-Joint Issues

Over time, our teeth naturally wear down, which doesn’t cause an issue if your mouth is well aligned. But, when there is significant misalignment, teeth will experience excessive wear which can create weak spots on your teeth, rendering them more susceptible to decay and damage. Orthodontics can help correct this issue.

Why Is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

Orthodontics concentrates on your teeth and surrounding structures. Small issues in your mouth can make a drastic difference and cause changes to the overall structure of your face, while problems with your bite can affect your jaw muscles.

With the help of orthodontic treatment, you can achieve a balanced bite and straight teeth, leaving you feel more confident while ensuring optimal oral health.

If you think you would benefit from orthodontic treatment, book a consultation with Dr Geoffrey Wexler today.

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