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Why Braces Cost What They Do

If you’re thinking about getting braces, you may be wondering what braces cost. One orthodontist may say over $8,000 while another may say it can cost even more or even less.

Why do quotes differ, and do braces really cost an arm and a leg?

Crunching the Numbers

When you look at the numbers, orthodontic treatments are more obtainable than you may think. There a few things here. Investing in a straighter smile will save you lots in dental work down the road, especially if done at a younger age, before you become older. Over time, misaligned and crowded teeth will suffer more gum disease and recession and get more cavities. As a result, you’ll need deep cleaning and possibly even crowns or root fillings. On the other hand, orthodontics is a very positive thing you can do for yourself in prevention. The considerable amount of dental chair time involved is generally time that is very well spent since the return is a lifetime of dental health benefit, well-being and self confidence in knowing your smile is the best.

Why Do Different Braces Cost Different Prices

What is the cost of traditional braces

The cost of your orthodontic correction will depend on what you need. Conventional metal braces and clear aligners are the least costly, ceramics and invisible braces may cost a little, but not a lot, more. The other big factor is, How Large is the correction YOU need? This is a highly variable factor between people. Also, When different doctors are giving *very* different quotes, the most likely reason is that the treatments that the braces are being quoted for, will be of very different magnitudes or scales. Some treatments will contain more featrues and some will contain less features. Not all doctors do the same levels of care.

Considering the Length of Treatment

How long it takes to straighten your teeth also impacts the cost of braces. For example, if you only need to fix your front teeth, it won’t take as long as a more comprehensive treatment. That means fewer appointments and less labour, cutting your braces cost down.

Remember that your orthodontist still needs to purchase materials, cover lab fees, pay highly paid, hard to find, skilled staff plus other overhead expenses and be fairly paid for providing labour and service. Of course shorter, smaller treatments cost less than big ones.

Flexible Ways to Pay

While it’s impossible to predict what braces cost before you undergo a thorough examination, we do offer un-usually flexible payment options. We will suit your payment abilities and we will suit your treatment and budget, so we’ll get you to achieve your perfect smile.

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