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What Are Speed Braces?

Speed braces, or self litigating braces, have revolutionised the field of orthodontics by eradicating the need for elastics required by traditional braces to straighten teeth. Instead, they use a built-in component-spring clip, which has two functions. Firstly, it cooperates with the archwire actively, resulting in additional tooth movement between appointments compared with traditional braces. Secondly, it eradicates the need for the ties that join the archwire to your brace.

Consequently, your teeth will shift more freely with less applied force. In turn, your treatment might be more comfortable and faster. Here’s what you should know about the technology…

The Advantages of Speed Braces

If you lacked the chance to wear braces during your childhood, you could still benefit from an enhanced smile and improved oral health with dental braces in your adulthood. However, it might take longer to see results with conventional braces in adults.

Fortunately, speed braces, rapid orthodontics, or self litigating braces can help decrease the treatment period by almost 50%. Unlike traditional braces, which need an average of 12-20 months of treatment, speed braces usually need just 6-9 months.

One of the best elements of the innovative technology is the slide mechanism of the brackets. The wire slides through the brackets during teeth movement, enabling the teeth to shift quickly, more freely, and comfortably.

This technology also helps decrease the friction between the wire and brackets. This can mean that you’ll require fewer adjustments.

Why Choose Speed Braces?

One of the benefits of wearing speed braces is the faster treatment time. However, self-esteem is also increased after treatment. In fact, you may have an easier time smiling and interacting with others.

After all, a great smile has a positive impression on others. The braces could also have a considerable effect on your dental health and digestion. If you have misaligned jaws and teeth, you might experience problems chewing food properly, which could overburden your digestive system, causing frequent stomachaches.

Moreover, it can be difficult to clean crooked teeth. Consequently, your gums and teeth may hurt and you might be susceptible to tooth loss, gum disease, and tooth decay. Speed braces, indeed most orthodontic treatments, can prevent additional damage and the need for more extensive treatment, including dental surgery and continuous gum disease treatment.

If you desire straight teeth but don’t want to wear braces for 1-3 years, speed braces could give you the desired smile in a shorter period. Nevertheless, an evaluation from your orthodontist will determine whether you’re a suitable candidate.

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