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What have we done? Dr Wexler is highly selective in what he offers and frequently speaks at and attends continuing education to find better ways.

Meeting our Mission : The last 12 months

Dr Wexler introduced in mid-2014 – and then lectured internationally in 2015 – new computer modelling systems to better position the braces on teeth before placing them.

Before we even put the first brace on, we first carry out a feasibilty study in computer software of each patient’s actual teeth to see how best to position the braces.

The previous (and still widely used method) was invented in 1974 (called “StraightWire”). The trouble with “StraightWire” is that no correct orthodontic wires ever turn out to be “straight”. So the “StraightWire” concept is unfortunately quite flawed and only accurate for very few people who need minimal treatment.

Unfortunately “StraightWire” moves many initial tooth movements AWAY from target positions, until the orthodontist realizes – and makes corrections – by bending the “StraightWire”!

But sometimes there are un-recoverable negative effects from these early wrong movements on results and on the treatment speed.

Using our Digital Indirect Bonding system, even the first, generic, out-of-the-packet aligning wires move teeth to the planned target. This reduces treatment time for an even better outcome.

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