Fast Braces??

What makes Braces Fast, but *Gaining* Quality?

  1. Expert Diagnosis (& Planning by a Registered Specialist with Lots of Experience)
  2. Expert, Realistic Treatment Plans (best using 3-Dimensional models)
  3. Precision Wire Engineering (using precision-made, robot-built Super-Elastic Titanium Wires)

What are “Fast Braces”

  1. Marketing Hype
  2. Claims to promote proprietary products – using non-accepted substantiation!

What do 100 years of Independent Research Show about Faster Braces?

  1. No particular orthodontic brace works better than any other
  2. Extensive Surgery around each individual tooth will accelerate tooth movement. OMG.
  3. Vibration may help, but evidence is weak.
  4. SureSmile® produces better treatment results in one third less time.

SureSmile® is not a brace. It is a very accurate treatment planning system for the doctor to make extremely precise super-elastic wires. It is compatible with nearly every type of brace.

  • Multiple, independent studies show dramatically & consistently faster treatments, without any dissenting studies. References
  • My own practice figures show my own treatments are 25% to 40% faster than with conventional braces.
  • The most speed and quality improvement occurred with my Lingual, “Hidden-Behind-The-Teeth”, internal braces.