Early treatment

Give your children the best opportunity for a healthy smile. Growing jaws are much easier to influence, and when corrected early, the risk of dental trauma is drastically reduced.

Why start early?

Malocclusions start at a young age and generally worsen over time. The longer some of them are not treated, the harder they become to correct. Early treatments greatly help avoid extractions, they simplify main treatment plans and avoid jaw surgeries for extreme cases.

Early Treatment

What age should my child begin orthodontic treatment?

We recommend having your child come to us for a consultation at the age of 7 years. We won’t necessarily perform treatment from that age, but we can create a plan that can be implemented within the coming years to intercept certain developing situations. For some this early assessment provides a unique chance to avoid much bigger problems or treatments, later.

For example, when the bite mismatch bewtween the jaws is noticeable at a young age, appropriate treatments for example may include a bite jumper, upper advancement, widening or Invisalign First™. 

Early Treatment