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When searching for a childrens orthodontist who specialises in fitting Suresmile, Invisalign, Empower or Elemetrix clear aligners, dental braces or invisible brace orthodontic treatments for children, Dr. Wexler is a natural choice, for the best family dental care.

A personal consultation with our professional children`s orthodontist is the best solution for your children`s dental health care. With a personal consultation your children are assured their teeth will get the treatment they deserve.

Clear aligners such as Suresmile, Invisalign, Elemetrix or Empower provide an excellent solution for invisible dental braces.

We will discuss the benefits of clear aligner braces and how they are applied. Your children`s orthodontic specialist can provide further advice so you can make an informed decision regarding your children`s dental health care. Modern orthodontics are steadily changing old perceptions of what it is to wear orthodontic braces.

" Clear aligners are a lovely gentle way to straighten children`s teeth " says Dr Geoffrey Wexler a specialist children`s orthodontist.

What kind of invisible in your invisible braces are you after? Clear aligners with Suresmile, Invisalign, elemetrix and Empower

Although clear aligners are not strictly speaking orthodontic braces, they are a very effective method of straightening your children`s teeth. Using cutting-edge technology and the latest in computer 3D modelling, recent orthodontic innovations from dentists and orthodontic specialists have created Elemetrix clear aligner orthodontic treatments.

Suresmile, Invisalign, Elemetrix and Empower clear aligner orthodontic treatments for straightening teeth

Unlike metal brace technology such as Damon brace and Damon clear braces, clear aligners are near invisible and are available in many different coloured plastics, making them very popular with children. Like all clear aligners, Suresmile, Invisalign, Empower and Elemetrix aligners fit around the teeth, both upper and lower as required, depending on each patient’s circumstances.

Clear Aligners can be used to cure Hard, Medium or Easy dental conditions. Suresmile and Invisalign clear aligners are suitable for most types of dental problems, flexible in terms of orthodontic treatment and one of the cheapest alternatives to deliver consistent and measurable results.

Suresmile, Invisalign, Empower and Elemetrix clear aligners are much more cosmetically appealing and easier to clean than their metal brace counterparts such as Damon and Damon clear braces. Clear aligners are definitely one of the most cost effective treatments available with treatment period reductions quite usual with this method of orthodontic treatment.

SureSmile, Invisalign and Empower clear aligners compared with regular orthodontic braces

SureSmile and Invisalign clear aligners are the preferred orthodontic treatment of the best orthodontists. Orthodontists love SureSmile because they rely on 3D computer modelling of a patients mouth. This gives the orthodontist a high degree of control over how orthodontic treatments progress and can be viewed in 3D ICAT simulations. SureSmile and Invisalign clear aligners are near transparent and have been clinically proven to reduce treatment times by up to 30%. SureSmile and invisalign Aligners look fantastic just like you are not wearing any braces at all.

SureSmile clear aligner dental treatment may cost a little more but what they will save you in treatment time and return appointments for adjustments. These orthodontic braces are recommended for those who care how they look and would therefore like a little more concealment than traditional metal orthodontic braces offer.

Invisalign clear aligners - invisible dental braces as an orthodontic treatment

While Invisalign are not classed as dental braces, they deserve a mention as they are an orthodontic treatment for straightening developing teeth which work just as well as regular orthodontic braces, they are easier to apply and use than more conventional orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign are basically clear plastic aligners that come in a number of different trays that are worn for a short period before being switched out and replaced by the next set of clear aligner plates. The process is a little slower than normal dental braces but there are advantages to the Invisalign clear aligner methods ...

Close to invisible these dental braces are easy to use and a great option for those looking for a quick and easy orthodontic treatment method.

Despite the drawbacks, orthodontic lingual braces simply provide the quickest results both short and long-term. Great for those who want their teeth to look good right away.)

Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening Orthodontic treatment for Adults and Children in Melbourne

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