Clear Open Smiles with Invisalign and SureSmile Clear Aligners

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Many people, especially teens and young adults, are looking into alternative ways to give themselves the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Traditional (Damon) braces, while very effective, can sometimes affect confidence and self esteem of both adults and children alike.

Which is why clear braces and clear aligners, such as Sureclear, Invisalign, and SureSmile aligners — which are almost invisible solutions — are becoming an increasingly popular as option to traditional (Damon)braces.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler is one of Melbourne`s leading Family Friendly Orthodontists. Clear aligners are highly recommended by orthodontic specialists such as Dr Geoffrey Wexler for patients in Melbourne seeking and alternative treatment to traditional braces for their patients.

Why are Clear Aligners becoming so Popular among adults and children as an orthodontic treatment?

There are three main reasons why clear aligners are a great choice. Firstly, as a teeth straightening method, clear aligners work well. "They are a lovely way to straighten the teeth, very gentle with very good results" says orthodontic specialist Dr Wexler, considered to be one of the best orthodontists in Melbourne.

Secondly, as a form of invisible braces, clear aligners are very discreet, which means they are barely noticeable. Thirdly, clear aligners can be used to treat a variety of oral issues, and are especially good for correcting mild to moderate imperfections such as mild crowding and small spacing.

However, it’s important to remember that clear aligners may not be a good fit for all oral conditions, particularly more pronounced concerns. This is when an orthodontist may ask patients to think about Empower braces or Damon braces for example. Lingual braces should also be considered for the more severe oral problems where appearance is also a concern. It is always worth speaking to a braces specialist like Dr Geoffrey Wexler to find the most suitable solution.

What are Clear Aligners and what makes them such an appropriate orthodontic treatment?

Clear aligners are transparent plates moulded from an impression of the patient’s teeth. They are individual to each person and made using ICAT Dental 3D computer modelling, so they are very comfortable to wear. However, they are not designed to completely match teeth. Instead, they are made to incorporate changes in line with the recommendations of your orthodontist, which means they encourage problematic teeth into the correct position over time, with a little bit of gentle pressure on the problem teeth.

As these aligners are clear, they are very difficult to see in the mouth. They are more discreet than options such as Damon braces, which, while still more subtle than traditional braces, still feature a metal wire arch. If you’re not sure about the differences when it comes to SureSmile aligners vs Invisalign, both options are practically the same when it comes to appearance and aesthetics.

How are Clear Aligners Worn?

Unlike lingual braces (also known as ‘behind teeth braces’) or Damon braces, SureSmile aligners and Invisalign are not fixed to the teeth, they can be easily removed for cleaning as can be seen in the Invisalign brochure. This means they improve hygiene and provide greater comfort to the orthodontic patient.

Some people may be required to wear their clear aligners only at night, with no need to wear it during the day. This makes them ideal for young adults that either cannot wear braces in the day for employment reasons, or who don’t want to wear braces around their friends. This is not a rule and your orthodontist will prescribe the best method for your treatment, recommending that the best treatment time for your teeth to receive and how many hours per day treatment is to be affected. Clear aligners, as one of the most comfortable orthodontics options on today’s market, are also good for people who don’t like the feel of more traditional braces.

How do Aligners Work?

Your family’s local orthodontist [in Frankston, or orthodontist in Toorak,] will take fresh impressions of the teeth approximately every month to monitor position as the treatment progress. This will take place at the clinic most convenient to you for complete ease and convenience.

In Melbourne, SureSmile aligners and Invisalign are used as progressive treatments that work over time. If you are looking for fast braces with shorter treatment times, remember that perfection doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time for the body to adjust to the changes being imposed on it and for the teeth and jaw grow. While aligners may not be the fastest types of braces, they do take a more gentle approach than traditional braces, and many young adults and teens find that they would prefer the treatment to take longer, in order to benefit from the discreet, subtle, and flexible features offered by clear aligners.

How Much do Braces Cost in Melbourne?

Cost varies depending on the treatment and the orthodontist. It is possible to find affordable braces and the cost of Suresmile and Invisalign clear aligners is generally in the region of $400 to $4000 depending on how many iterations of clear aligners it takes to complete your treatment as directed by your orthodontist. If you are comparing the prices of SureSmile vs Invisalign, you will often find that the cost of SureSmile is roughly the same as Invisalign, as they are very similar products.

If the cost of braces is a concern for you and your family, speak to Dr Wexler regarding a flexible repayment schedule. As a Melbourne orthodontist, Dr Wexler is more concerned that patients receive the correct treatment as he believes in the value of good dental health and likes to help patients out with repayment plans that fit the families dental health budget. Dr Wexler considers repayment plans a responsible payment option, in that they allow patients to receive the treatments they require, making the upfront cost of braces and dental treatments -manageable –thus, enabling you to pay for necessary treatment over a period of time that fits with your financial commitments.

Where is There an Orthodontist Near Me?

To find out more about the orthodontic braces in and around Melbourne, about SureSmile aligners and Invisalign, or about the cost of aligners or Damon braces. As one of the Melbourne’s best orthodontists, Dr Wexler is a highly experienced orthodontic specialist who understands and values good dental health. Specialising in clear aligners and other discrete yet highly effective options for children, teens, and young adults teeth -get in touch with Dr Geoffrey Wexler, orthodontic specialist with practices in both Frankston and Toorak.