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Clear aligners are a lovely gentle way to straighten children`s teeth - Dr Geoffrey Wexler children`s specialist orthodontist.

Professional orthodontists take advances in orthodontic treatments seriously and there are many new products on the market that provide good results while looking great. New orthodontic treatments provide the usual benefits of dental teeth braces in that they fix crooked teeth, crowding, overbites etc. but have the additional benefit of near invisibility. Modern orthodontics are steadily changing old perceptions of what it is to wear orthodontic braces.

There are a couple of different types of clear aligner invisible dental braces and the purpose of this article is to run through the types of clear aligner invisible orthodontic braces available today. We will discuss the benefits of clear aligner braces and how they are applied. Your children`s orthodontic specialist can provide further advice so you can make an informed decision regarding your children`s dental health care.

Dr Geoffrey Wexler believes that Clear Aligners are a lovely gentle way to straighten your children`s teeth.

What kind of Invisible in your invisible braces are you after?

Using cutting-edge technology and the latest in computer 3D modelling, recent orthodontic innovations from dentists and specialists have created clear aligner orthodontic treatments. Although clear aligners are not strictly speaking orthodontic braces, they are a very effective method of straightening your children`s teeth.

Clear Aligner teeth straightening orthodontic treatment

Unlike their metal counterparts, clear aligners fit around the teeth, both upper and lower as required, depending on each patient’s circumstances. Clear Aligners are used to cure Hard, Medium and Easy orthodontic cases. Clear Aligners are suitable for most types of dental problems and are flexible in terms of orthodontic treatment and one of the cheapest alternatives that still consistently deliver results.

New Clear Aligner teeth straightening orthodontic treatment

What makes orthodontic clear aligner treatment special is the computer controlled design and manufacture, ensuring they are perfect and will move teeth in accordance with the orthodontists recommendations.

Clear aligner orthodontic treatment are usually clear in colour and blend well with the natural colouring of teeth, this makes them less visible. They are easily removed for temporary short term purposes such as wedding photos, school photos, public speaking engagements.

Application of Clear Aligner teeth straightening orthodontic treatment
To have clear aligners fitted you will need to have a specialist family orthodontist construct the clear aligners using computer based 3D modelling techniques. A specialist family orthodontist will have to model and fit the clear aligners based on your particular case, clear aligners are very good for most common orthodontic conditions.

One of the major benefits of the clear aligner systems is the fact that Clear Aligners are fairly conveniently removed makes them practical In terms of cleaning, and for those special moments on camera.
Invisibility Rating: 8 (Much better than orthodontic metal braces, more cosmetically appealing and easier to clean. Definitely one of the most cost effective treatment period reductions are quite usual with this method of orthodontic treatment. )

Suresmile Orthodontic Braces

Suresmile dental braces are the preferred orthodontic treatment of the best orthodontists. Orthodontists love Suresmile because the Suresmile dental braces system relies on 3D computer modelling of a patients mouth. This gives the orthodontist a high degree of control over how the treatment progresses and allows treatment to be viewed in 3D simulations. When all the treatment modelling is completed a Suresmile robot goes to work and bends all the wires and places the ligaments so that they fit the patients mouth perfectly. Suresmile braces have been clinically proven to reduce treatment times by up to 30%. Suresmile dental braces look fantastic, like you are not wearing any braces at all, as they are located behind the teeth.

Benefits of Suresmile dental braces

Suresmile allows orthodontists to work in very precise and controlled ways with a considerable degree of certainty for the success of the treatment.
From the orthodontists point of view, Suresmile allows them to scan the patients mouth reproducing exactly all the contours in a 3D computer simulation. The orthodontist then moves the simulated teeth into position, designing the patients smile and bite and how he wants the patients finished smile and bite to look.
The Suresmile computer then calculates how the teeth need to move in order to produce the finished result. The Suresmile computer then sends the required bending instructions to a manufacturing robot to bend and attach the ligaments and wires, which are then returned to the orthodontist for fitting on the patient.

Apart from the obvious benefits of a precise cure, Suresmile dental braces have been proven to work faster than normal dental braces by up to 35%, that is a treatment time of 6-12 months. Suresmile braces produce such good results as they allow multiple teeth to move simultaneously, therefore reducing treatment time, with a resulting smile and bite that the orthodontist predicted.

Application of Suresmile invisible lingual dental braces
To have Suresmile dental braces fitted or removed you will have to visit your family orthodontist. Like traditional orthodontic braces, they require special tools to make adjustments as the orthodontic treatment progresses.
Invisibility Rating: 10 (Suresmile dental braces are completely invisible, they are located behind the teeth and so do not show from the front. Much better than orthodontic metal braces, more cosmetically appealing. Suresmile dental braces may cost a little more but what they will save you in treatment time and return appointments to make adjustments, we feel completely justified in highly recommending this precise and certain dental treatment. These orthodontic braces are recommended for those who - how they look is important to them and would therefore like a little more concealment than traditional orthodontic braces offer.)

Invisalign clear aligners - invisible dental braces as an orthodontic treatment

While technically speaking Invisalign are not really classed as dental braces, the Invisalign products deserve a place here as they are an orthodontic treatment for the straightening of developing teeth, and work just as well, are easy to apply and use, as more conventional orthodontic treatments. Invisalign are basically clear plastic aligners that come in a number of different trays that are worn for a short period before being switched out and replaced by the next set of clear aligner plates. The process is a little slower than normal dental braces but there are advantages to the Invisalign clear aligner methods ...

Benefits of Invisalign clear aligners
Invisalign clear aligners not only look good, as they are really a thin plastic plate covering your teeth, they are easy for dental patients to use and maintain. Invisalign clear aligners are currently the only orthodontic treatment that can be comfortably removed and applied (providing you visited your orthodontist first), making then the most convenient invisible orthodontic braces out there.
Application of Invisalign clear aligners
As mentioned, Invisalign clear aligners can be removed, cleaned and replaced by yourself. Of course you’ll have to visit a specialist orthodontist as the dental treatment progresses. Invisalign clear aligners can only work on minor cases of tooth crowding and similar orthodontic conditions. Also, not all dental technicians can apply Invisalign clear aligners as it requires special computerised moulding technology that can create a prediction of the results of your treatment before you even commence treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are a very good option for those who want a great smile but also to brush and floss normally.
Invisibility Rating: 9 (Close to invisible these dental braces are easy to use and a great option for those looking for a quick and easy orthodontic treatment method.)

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Dr Geoffrey Wexler is a very approachable family friendly highly experienced Invisible orthodontist providing orthodontic care using the latest in orthodontic braces technology to deliver subtle and natural smiles.

Dr Wexler and his team of specialist orthodontists can treat your children for all invisible braces including SureSmile fast QT braces, Incognito braces, hidden behind the teeth, invisible braces that are hidden from view or are clear braces ensure a more attractive more acceptable treatment for patients who want invisible dental braces when no-one knows you are wearing orthodontic braces.

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Clear Aligners are a lovely way to straighten teeth. Removable, clear & gentle!


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