Who is a Specialist Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are Specialists only if registered as "Specialty-Orthodontics" at AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority).

Be careful. General dentists may mislead patients to believe they are qualified as specialists by expressing "special interest" in orthodontics. These people are not skilled or equipped like specialists.

How are specialists Qualified?

Specialists now hold three-year, full-time, clinical Master's Degrees after having been general dentists

Check your practitioner at http://www.ahpra.gov.au because doing orthodontic work doesn't make a dentist into an orthodontist

Why choose a registered specialist?

Specialists offer more choice of effective, quality, appropriate treatment, including less expensive options.

Specialists are registered to identify to the public who has high skill at diagnosis & treatment. High Specialist Skill lowers your risk of costly errors ending in tears.